Raising children, it’s not a big difference

To nourish the spirit is more important than to nourish the material.

Today's society should have a correct view of parenting

When a girl has her parents’ love, kind guidance and understanding, she will have a broader vision and pattern than her peers.

To raise a good daughter, first of all, we need to get rid of the bondage and prejudice of this society towards women, and really understand what she needs.

Three taboos in raising children

A few days ago to visit sister, found before lively naughty nephew become very silent.

He fell down because he was running too fast. He was about to burst into tears, but he gave his mother a timid look.

Her sister said to him:

“You are a man, so it is not shameful to cry over such a small wound!”

Seeing my nephew immediately dry his eyes and try not to cry, and his shoulder draw away, I felt very distressed.

Many parents have a big mistake about educating boys:

Boys to be strong, so fell can not cry, sad can not hold, sick can not be spoiled.

Boys to rough, more training, can not give him a sense of superiority, not to spoil him.

But why should boys be coddled and girls coddled?

  1. Don’t care

In fact, compared with girls, boys are more eager to get their parents’ love, because many times, their feelings are ignored by their parents for granted.

A boy’s strength comes not from his parents’ deliberate indifference, but from his inner sense of security.

Such a sense of security must come from the care and protection of parents.

No matter boys or girls, they all need the love and care of their parents.

Don’t be independent

Love is not equal to dote on, many parents dote on their son into a “little emperor”, let him dress hand to eat.

Independent children can’t live without their parents, especially their mother. If their mother is not around, they will not adapt.

Let children do things by themselves, let him try to solve the problems, give him enough independent space.

  1. Don’t make progress

Parents are used to criticizing and criticizing their son, which will make him feel unfulfilled and give up his efforts over time.

Of course, if you don’t want to set a positive example for your children, why should you expect them to improve themselves?

Learn to encourage, positive education, in order to motivate children and the determination to struggle.

Nurture a son by making him feel safe and loved, but also by teaching him respect and discipline.

Education cannot be a “double standard”

A child must be brought up with a heart

It is often said that boys like to play with guns and girls like to play with dolls, but this is the “liking” imposed on children by adults and society.

We don’t know what children really like.

Nor can we apply to our own children what others have applied to us.

To educate children, we must follow the heart and proceed from the reality of children.

Raising children, it’s not a big difference.

This is what happens if we keep teaching our kids about double standards:

Our daughter, spoiled and protected, will lack courage;

Our sons, who are expected to be brave and strong, lack love.

One – sided education can not become a talent, education on the road, we must do a good job of children’s protectors, companions, guidance.

There is a sentence in “Poor Dad rich Dad” :

“Success is spending time with your children.”

I’d like to make a change:

“Success is being good at being with your children.”

Parent-child companionship is the most important thing is to understand the child’s heart, do the most understand the parents of the child, just know what the child needs most.

Put down the phone, focus on the company, and enjoy the leisure time with the children, together to seize the fun of growing up together.

Only when parents are willing to accompany and good at accompanying, can they understand their children better, meet their physical and mental development needs to the maximum extent, and let them feel their parents’ care.

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  • When a girl has the love, kind guidance and understanding of her parents, she will have a broader vision and model than her peers

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