Liaoning female teacher commits suicide

Liaoning female teacher commits suicide
Many parents of Fushun Leifeng Primary School said that a third grade class teacher Yang repeatedly to buy a house, decoration, children to study abroad on the grounds, to the student’s parents put forward 5,000 yuan to nearly one million yuan of borrowing needs. During the Spring Festival, the parents of a student surnamed Yang committed suicide after learning from his neighbor that he had left a suicide note after he was unable to repay a large sum of money due to online gambling.

An excellent primary school teacher borrowed 830,000 yuan from a parent

In September 2020, Mr. Gao in Fushun wanted to improve the living conditions of his family of four and move to a bigger house. When he was ready to pay, he suddenly received a loan message from the child’s head teacher. “In my opinion, the job of teacher is very good, for the sake of the child also did not think much, directly transferred the money to her.”

Mr. Gao transferred 50,000 yuan to the child’s head teacher, surnamed Yang, through mobile banking. Yang also assured him that she would repay the interest for three months at 4.7 percent, in addition to the principal.

Yang is the third-grade teacher of Leifeng Primary School in Wanghua District, Fushun City. The 47-year-old has been teaching Chinese for children’s classes since the second grade. As an excellent teacher in Leifeng Primary School, many parents not only express their recognition of Yang’s teaching level, but also trust her very much. After borrowing money for the first time, Yang Mou did not go back on his word, return the money to Mr. Gao as scheduled.

Before long, Mr. Gao receives the loan information of class teacher Yang in succession, from buy a house, decorate to the child study abroad, borrow money with different reason every time, amount also arrives from initial 50 thousand to 80 thousand, arrive 200 thousand again.

“We had nothing to do with each other except that she was a teacher and student with her children, and I had my doubts as to why she didn’t borrow from relatives around her.” In order to make Yang pay more attention to her child’s education, Mr. Gao not only made the loan to Yang on time every time, but also kept it a “secret” for her.

In a short period of 3 months, Yang borrowed 830,000 yuan from Mr. Gao in succession. But what Mr Gao did not know was that he was not the only one who helped Yang keep his “secret”.

Owe a huge debt to be unable to repay, Yang Mou chooses to commit suicide

On the eighth day of the first lunar month, Gao learned from Yang’s neighbor that Yang had left a suicide note after he was unable to repay a large sum of money due to online gambling.

“Since the end of April 2020, a group selling Dalian dates (netizens in the group) dragged me into a large online lottery station. I borrowed money to buy lottery tickets time and again without the knowledge of my family. Until now, I owe a large amount of money,” Yang’s suicide note said. I am no longer able to pay my debts, and I am solely responsible for these actions. I am willing to use the financial resources available to me to pay for these actions. I take full responsibility.”

“My first thought was that we were three families and two generations of savings were gone.” Mr Gao does not have a regular job and has to do odd jobs to support his family’s basic living. The money was only scraped together with the help of his parents. Now the family of four lives in a small house of 50 square meters.

When Gao sent the news to the class that Yang, the head teacher, had committed suicide, 29 parents were in the same situation with him. Then the parents suddenly realized that they had fallen for Yang’s hoax.