The storm swept across the country

The storm swept across the country
A few days ago, a bank issued by the Shanghai branch of the “personal loan back in advance notice letter” circulated on the Internet, so that a lot of speculation tenants can not sleep……


The individual loan that network spreads takes back to inform letter in advance

According to the notification letter, due to the borrower’s failure to fulfill the relevant provisions in Item 4 “Loan Purpose” of the contract, the bank announces that all the loans under the contract are due in advance, and all the principal and interest of the loan are to be repaid within the time limit. Otherwise, it will be deemed as overdue immediately and penalty interest will start to be incurred.

This situation is not alone, according to national financial weekly reports, recently, all parts of the country has a lot of illegal appropriation of investors in bank credit to buy a house, bank ordered shifts to an earlier date reimbursement, someone just bought so out of the school district room in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen has been around for help advice, make a phone call to ask their own intermediary company, or to make an emergency to sell real estate fund-raising…

The crackdown on property speculation by misappropriating business loans is sweeping the country.

Guangdong found 277 million yuan in problem loans

Wade, 920

Take Guangdong as an example.

On March 16, a reporter from the people’s bank guangzhou branch and guangdong silver protects inspect bureau learned that, in view of the recent media reports business loans and other credit flows into chaos of the real estate market rise, attaches great importance to the two departments, quick action and careful arrangement, through the “three a” investigate business loans, consumer credit violation into the real estate sector, guide the legal business, banking institutions to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

It is understood that the so-called “three batches” are as follows:

Quick investigation of “batch”. On February 4, Nanfang Daily published the report “Why the illegal inflow of credit funds into the real estate market is not stopped repeatedly”, pointing out that there are chaotic situations in the real estate market in Guangzhou where funds such as business loans and consumer loans flow into the real estate market through illegal intermediary agencies. Guangdong Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau quickly organized competent forces to set up six inspection teams, which were simultaneously stationed in six bank branches in Guangzhou on February 9. So far, through big data screening, ledger analysis, access to archives, flow tracking, personnel interviews and other methods of evidence collection, it has been found that business loans and consumer loans are suspected of illegally flowing into the real estate market problem amount of more than 30 million yuan. In view of the aforementioned suspected violations, Guangdong Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau has started punishment investigation and evidence collection.

Comprehensive self-examination “batch”. On February 9th, Guangdong Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the Notice on the Risk Investigation of Operating Loans and Personal Consumption Loans by Banking Institutions under its Administration, which deployed all banking institutions under its administration to carry out comprehensive self-examination in the aspects of credit investigation, examination and approval, post-loan management and business cooperation with third-party institutions. So far, facility (including shenzhen) bank personal business loans has been completed check list of bank branches, a total of 4501, personal business loans of 567.8 billion yuan of the February, personal consumption loans 216.5 billion yuan, found the alleged flows into real estate market problem loan amount is 277 million yuan, 920 households, including banking institutions in guangzhou region inspection found alleged into the problems in the real estate market for a loan of $147 million, 305. In this regard, Guangdong Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau has asked banks to rectify and hold accountable within a certain time limit. At present, the banking institutions have taken rectification measures such as termination of quota, one-time settlement of full amount, repayment in advance by stages, etc., and have carried out warnings, notices of criticism, points deduction, economic penalties and other accountability for internal employees with violation problems.

On-site supervision “batch”. Recently, leading officials of Guangdong Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau visited some commercial banks in Guangzhou and put forward a series of regulatory requirements, including strengthening the supervision of capital flow and strictly preventing the illegal diversion of capital into the real estate market through operating loans and consumer loans. The supervision department of the institution carried out on-site supervision and supervision on all the banks in Guangzhou with more media exposure and more prominent problems, and clearly put forward supervision opinions. Data analysis was strengthened, and 642 suspicious clues were sent to some banks about personal operating loans that were suspected to have been misappropriated for house purchase. The agency investigated and confirmed that 40 personal operating loans had been misappropriated for house purchase. The relevant authorities have started rectification and accountability.

It is reported that from the on-site investigation and the bank’s self-examination, the banking institutions exposed the credit investigation did not fully understand the customer’s financial situation, the post-loan management is not in place, resulting in the illegal misappropriation of credit funds in the house and other problems, reflecting the banking institutions in the credit management system and implementation of the deficiencies. Notable is, have found irregularities, there are quite a part of the loan in the real estate intermediary institutions, small loans companies, such as the form of “packaging” booster, suspected of illegal operation including through intermediaries bridge mat endowment taking business exchange personal housing mortgage loans, after changed hands many times misuse personal business loan for down payments, etc.

Storms swept across the country

In the investigation of illegal lending into the property market in the storm, first-tier cities bear the brunt.

Shenzhen: Cross-line tracking should penetrate to the third hand

Shenzhen’s financial regulators have been working with commercial banks since last week to crack down on “small and micro loans” that illegally flowed into the real estate market, Xinhua reported Saturday.

Bankers said that this round of penetrating verification will be on the “false small and micro” set of loans to buy a house, especially the “full mortgage to buy a house to apply for business loan” phenomenon to play a significant deterrent effect, the market will gradually normative.

Different from the previous screen is limited to bank check list, the verification, the regulators comprehensive intervention, the business loan applicants have to buy records crossed through the depth of the three procedures for verification, once found that credit flows into real estate and stock market, the bank will take back loans and other measures, to ensure that the business to borrow money to support the development of the real economy.

According to the introduction, the special inspection target is issued after May 1, 2020 with less than 10 million yuan of Puhui caliber loans, the inspection includes the mortgage transfer time and loan application time is shorter than eight months, and three months before and after the loan is issued whether the borrower and his or her spouse have new property under their name.

Banks in Shenzhen said they had received a list of inquiries from regulators. According to the regulatory requirements, the interbank tracking should penetrate to the third hand, that is, the A account is transferred to the B account and then to the C account, and the verification should penetrate to the C account if there is any illegal use of funds to buy houses or stocks.

An official at a branch of a large state-owned bank in Shenzhen said the bank has set up a big data monitoring system to regularly analyze the flow of credit funds. Once it is found that the operating loan funds flow into the real estate market, it will request the customer to immediately return the loan in advance according to the contract agreement, and has the right to ask the customer to pay the loan embezzlement penalty interest according to the agreement. Customers who fail to repay their loans in advance will face the risk of bank lawsuits and the seizure of their mortgaged property. At the same time, customers who violate the rules will be placed on the bank’s blacklist, which may affect their ability to apply for further loans at the bank.