Rooted in Sichuan “Bamboo Township” four years

Rooted in Sichuan "Bamboo Township" four years
Plant white tea in batches. Photo of Qingshui Building Park

China News Network Dazhou March 18 (Zhang Hui ai Zhang Lang) In the middle of March, the first harvest of white tea came to the 2,000-mu white tea base of “Qingshui Zhuyuan”, a Taiwan-funded enterprise in Dazhu County, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province, which is the “Green Bamboo Town in Eastern Sichuan”. Auntie li of villager gaogong village of clear water town, it is the 7th day of this month to take the car of the company to come to the base to pick white tea, the price of picking 35 yuan per catty, let her more than a sum of income.

Aunt Li said: “the town of clear water this mountain, it used to be barren mountains and forests, the villagers up the mountain, down a back and forth to have to six or seven hours. Now the barren mountains are improved and the roads are built and hardened. We earn a lot by transferring these barren mountains out of the country. We also earn a lot by doing odd jobs in the base.”


Plant white tea in batches. Photo of Qingshui Building Park

The enterprise circulating this barren mountain in Qingshui Town is the Taiwan-funded enterprise “Qingshui Construction Park”, which integrates agriculture, tourism and cultural development, introduced by Dazhu County Party Committee and County Government. Up to now, “Qingshui Construction Park” has signed transfer contracts totaling more than 20,000 mu, covering four villages of Gaogong, Gongqiaoba, Laodian and Mingguang, which are mainly used to build “organic forest health park” and “organic agriculture park”.

“Here are valleys, terraces, hills, mountains and ponds, reservoirs, caves, fresh and pleasant air, high content of negative oxygen ions.” Lin Yunfei, director of Qingshui Construction Park, said, “It is a very suitable place to grow alpine white tea, Taiwan organic vegetables, fruits and flowers, as well as to develop outdoor health and leisure.”

“After the land improvement, we immediately tried planting more than 30 kinds of agricultural and sideline products, such as Taiwan fruits, corn and long eggplant, and all of them were successful. When conditions are ripe, we can put them into production in large quantities at any time.” “The survival rate of the precious white tea we planted in many batches is as high as 99.9 percent, 20 percent higher than the peer. It is expected to be ready for large-scale picking in two years.” Planting experts from Taiwan and Zhejiang said respectively.

Rooted in Sichuan "Bamboo Township" four years

Tea picking scene. Photo of Qingshui Building Park

Dazhu xiao-qing li, director of the Taiwan affairs, in 2017, taiwan-funded enterprises build “water park” the project, the introduction of county Taiwan attaches great importance to, in accordance with the requirements for related county set up a working group, and assign special personnel docking, visiting research carried out in cooperation with related departments (units) on a regular basis, timely communication to solve more than 20 problem restricting the development of the project, involved in all aspects such as road excavation, reservoir built.

Not only help to solve some real problems, dazhu Taiwan also play a role of bridge bonds actively, invited provincial, city and county leaders at all levels and experts in the field of colleges and universities to build “water park” research, guidance, also organized Lin Yunfei and enterprise backbone, respectively, to zhejiang, chongqing, sichuan, peer visit, experience learning, to help build “water garden” rapid growth.

From the former barren hills and forests, to the present tea fragrance. In the past four years, the “Qingshui Construction Park”, a Taiwan-funded enterprise, has greatly changed the barren hills of Qingshui Town and boosted the income of more than 4,000 local villagers. Li Xiaoqing said that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the county will give full play to its advantages in exchanges with Taiwan, build platforms and optimize services to promote the better and faster development of the “Qingshui Construction Park” for Taiwan-funded enterprises, and effectively turn the clear water and green mountains of Qingshui Town into gold and silver mountains.