Do not assign admission targets

Do not assign admission targets
Evaluate the quality of running a school of a middle and primary school, the development quality of a student, the compulsory education quality of a region, how to evaluate? Review what? The Ministry of Education held a press conference on the 18th to introduce that the Ministry of Education and other six departments jointly issued the “Compulsory Education Quality Assessment Guide” and set up an evaluation index system at the county, school and student levels.

The evaluation of the quality of compulsory education at the county level puts forward 12 key indicators from five aspects: value orientation, organization and leadership, teaching conditions, teachers’ team and balanced development. In view of the problems in the evaluation, the guide elaborates the examination points. For example, in view of the tendency to only focus on grades and higher education, it puts forward the examination points of “not assigning admission indicators to schools, and not merely evaluating schools, principals and teachers by their enrollment rates”. In view of the heavy burden on teachers, the paper puts forward the key points of “strictly control all kinds of examination and approval, inspection and acceptance, creation and evaluation activities for schools, standardize all kinds of ‘entering campus’ activities, and reduce the burden of non-education and teaching tasks on principals and teachers”.

The evaluation of school running quality puts forward 12 key indicators from five aspects: school running direction, curriculum teaching, teacher development, school management and student development. Aiming at the problem of students’ heavy academic burden, the author puts forward “perfect homework management methods, coordinate and regulate the amount of homework and homework time; Strictly control the number of tests, do not publish the exam results and rankings “test points; In view of the teachers’ job burnout, enthusiasm is not high, put forward the “perfect school teacher incentive system” test points.

The evaluation of student development quality puts forward 12 key indicators from five aspects: moral development, academic development, physical and mental development, aesthetic accomplishment, labor and social practice. In view of the lack of ideals and beliefs of a small number of students, the paper puts forward some points of examination, such as “understanding the history and national conditions of the party, cherishing national honor, casting a firm consciousness of the Chinese nation community, loving the party, loving the country, loving the people, loving socialism”. In view of the students’ lack of innovative spirit of the problem, put forward “curiosity, imagination and thirst for knowledge, information collection and integration, comprehensive analysis and application ability, have independent exploration, independent thinking, discovery of problems, problem solving consciousness and ability” test points.

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