Slowly into a wordless, do not ask, ignore

I read this sentence before:

“A good marriage is one that seems to be normal at times, but it’s always them who take the stage at the important moments.”

We can not deny that most marriages will lose their original passion and innocence in daily necessities and family trivialities, and will return to plain after a thousand sails have gone through.

Good couples spend their lives together

But insipid marriage, does not mean bad, but can in insipid also do not abandon, tightly pull each other’s hand husband and wife, is the most enviable place.

A good husband and wife, is not always surprised, but in the flat when the flat, in the deep feeling when there is beyond the sentience of life.

Bad couples only torment each other

A bad marriage is like going to hell, a lifetime of chicken and goose fights, no peace.

There are always couples who can’t get divorced and have a bad life. They can only torment each other year after year and consume their own lives.

I’ve heard this before:

“I used to think the worst thing in the world was to die alone.

No, the worst thing is to die with someone who makes you feel lonely.”

All the loneliness in marriage is caused by disappointment. Every time you are disappointed, be quiet, be disappointed again, be silent again.

Slowly into a wordless, do not ask, ignore.

Liu Shufen in the movie No Questions West East chose the most determined way to break off the relationship that let her down.

Xu Bochang is a university teacher, Liu Shufen is an uneducated worker, this is a marriage in the eyes of outsiders doomed to a tragic end from the beginning.

Liu Shufen scold him, Xu Bo often do not speak;Liu Shufen beat him, Xu Bo often remained indifferent;Liu Shufen broke his cup, Xu Bo often would rather drink from his bowl than her cup.

Liu Shufen, who was tortured by cold violence and nearly collapsed, said to him with tears streaming down her face:

“Outsiders only see how I hit you and scold you, but they don’t know how you hit me!

You didn’t do it with your hands, you did it with your attitude.”

“You make me feel like the worst person in the world.”

Later, in a certain dusk, in a narrow lane, she with disheveled hair and a faraway look passed by Xu Bochang.

And he, but has never looked at her once, also did not say a concerned word.

Then, in despair, she jumped down a deep well.

For every woman, they are in need of love, the need is to be spoiled by a man, be protected, protect her life without worry.

But in real life, more women are married, but they do not have support and shelter.

Because the man you call your husband is more like a babysitter, always expecting you to keep paying, but never sharing.

We can’t talk, play or live together, make progress together or tolerate each other. Such a relationship will only make people deeply depressed.

A tormenting relationship reduces both happiness and energy, and in such a marriage it is impossible to nourish each other, and there is only estrangement.

In the marriage, the heart is particularly lonely, such a marriage is really deadly.

The best marriages go hand in hand and grow together

Good feelings, not only do not abandon, but also grow up together.

We used to think that if you were in love, you could drink enough, but the more we experienced it, the more we found that the couple’s ability to stay together often depended on the same pace of growth rather than just talking about it.

Talking to each other may make good friends, but it doesn’t necessarily make a good couple.

Before the husband and wife, not for the children, not for the money, but have the same values, can help each other respect and appreciate each other, grow together.

Mr. Qian once told Ms. Yang:

“I never wanted to get married before I met you, and I never wanted to get married after I met you.”

“So do I,” Yang responded.

In 1942, Yang became an instant hit with the staging of her drama “The Heart Wishes”.

Unable to sit still, the brilliant scholar Qian Zhongshu said to Yang:

“I want to write a novel. Do you support that?”

Yang jiang was delighted and urged him to write.

Ms. Yang told him to cut down on school hours and to save money, she fired her maid.

Looking at the past ten fingers do not touch yangchun water rich young lady, now he did all the housework.

Although Qian Zhongshu felt ashamed, he was more grateful and cherished his beloved wife.

Two years later, Fortress Besieged was a success.

Qian Zhongshu said in the preface of Fortress Besieged:

“I wrote the book for two years and tried to call it a day.

Thanks to Ms. Yang Jiang’s constant urging, I was able to block many things and spare some time to write them down.

It is customary to dedicate this book to her.”

The most reliable marriage relationship is not a heartache, romance, but the deep thought of values and even the external conditions of the match, marriage is not the most exciting people, but should be the most appropriate people.

Liao Yimei once said:

“It is not uncommon to meet love and sex in one’s life, but rather to meet and understand.”

Because of love, so understand, because understand, so compassion.

Marriage is like a marathon.

When getting married, two people’s steps are the same, but with the marriage of two people growth direction and growth speed of the enlargement of the difference, there is always a party will fall behind.

The bigger the gap is, the more you don’t understand it, and gradually, the less you pay for it, and the marriage is more likely to raise a red light.

Moving forward hand in hand, with the same goals, and growing together, is the secret to a lasting marriage.

The true love, the true happiness, comes from, in the passing years of the friends together, in the flat marriage never abandon, and in the happy and bitter years of mutual support.

Cherish each other, love each other, about each other, is the biggest maintenance and investment in a relationship!

Marriage is not easy, and line and cherish, a good marriage is never out, but out of business, with their own way to go their own way, the nature of happiness as promised.

For the rest of your life, don’t waste your will in an unworthy marriage. Marriage, for us, should be the icing on the cake, not the cake.

So, don’t hurry into marriage because of loneliness, don’t fall into the junk marriage because of soft heart.

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  • A good marriage is to be maintained by constantly arousing interest, otherwise life will be like a stagnant pool

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