The US and Russia are at loggerheads

The US and Russia are at loggerheads
Tensions between the United States and Russia have risen overnight, with a statement from U.S. President Joe Biden infuriating Russia.

Washington (AFP) – In an interview with ABC News on March 17, Biden said he agrees with the notion that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a killer. Biden also stressed that Putin would “pay a price” for meddling in the 2020 U.S. election.

The governor of Chang ‘an Street (WeChat ID: CapitalNews) noted that the Russian side responded quickly after Biden’s remarks about Russia. On the same day, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement, said that it has recalled Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov. The chairman of Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of parliament, said Biden’s comments about Putin were an insult to Russians.

Russia’s Sputnik news agency has just reported, citing the Russian embassy in Washington, that some ill-considered statements by the US leader are threatening a breakdown in Russia-US relations.

In the interview, Biden said “I would” when asked by an ABC host if he thought Putin was a “killer,” according to the report. “The price he’s going to pay, you’re going to see,” Biden stressed.

According to RT on March 17, Volodin, chairman of the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, lashed out in a statement: “This hysteria comes from their inability to do anything. Putin is our president, and an attack on Putin is an attack on Russia!”

Volodin also contrasted Biden’s criticism of Putin with what happened to previous U.S. presidents. He noted that even former President Trump, “despite his decisions on sanctions, has maintained a rhetoric that matches the level of a head of state.”

On the same day, Russia’s ambassador to the United States was recalled to Moscow. ‘The new U.S. administration, which has been in office for nearly two months and will soon reach the 100-day mark, now needs to assess the direction of the Biden administration,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The statement said the most important thing now is to find a way to mend relations between Russia and the United States, which have been deadlocked in recent years. If the US recognises the risks of deteriorating relations, Russia has the will to prevent it from turning into an irreversible situation. Antonov will hold consultations with the Russian Foreign Ministry and relevant departments to discuss relevant issues upon his return.

The US and Russia are at loggerheads

On the same day, State Department spokesman Ian Porter said the United States would not comment on the possibility of recalling U.S. Ambassador John Sullivan to Washington for consultations, as Moscow has done. Porter also declined to comment on Biden’s comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin during the interview.

Relations between Russia and the US have been strained in recent years, with clear differences over cyber security, energy security, arms control and regional hot-spot issues. The US intelligence community released a report on March 16, saying that Russia supported Donald Trump during the 2020 US presidential election in an effort to undermine Joe Biden’s campaign.

In response to these accusations, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the conclusion that Russia interfered in the US election lacks evidence to support, which can be seen as a reason for the US to put new sanctions against Russia on the agenda.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says the U.S. intelligence report accusing Russia of meddling in the U.S. election is another lie and fake news.

Mr. Biden’s comments and rebuke further deadlocked relations between Russia and the United States, and it remains to be seen how the two countries will play the next game. But the tensions between the two countries are expected to continue. On March 17, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the Biden administration’s approach to Russia would be different from that of predecessor Donald Trump.