Zhu Zhiwen cheated on me for two years

Zhu Zhiwen cheated on me for two years
Recently, a young man named “Xu Haoran” in Shangqiu, Henan Province, used a hammer to smash the iron door of his brother Zhu Zhiwen’s overcoat. It is said that because he failed to worship his teacher, “Zhu Zhiwen cheated me for two years”.

The youth was taken into custody after the incident.

Just last month, the door was smashed down during the 2021 Spring Festival. A group of people come to ask for red envelopes do not, began to hit.

Villagers who asked Zhu Zhiwen for red envelopes were refused and smashed the door
Time to push back, the door was smashed to coat brother is really a “habit into nature”, the news is everywhere.

Whom did the farmer, famous for his singing voice, offend?


Big Mouth Three

“I am satisfied. It is not easy for us to be a well-off peasant.” Interview Coat Brother, the first meeting he is this sentence.

Coat, 51, has been invited to many commercial performances since he became famous. The appearance fee is generally a province of 100,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan in the province, but see the specific situation, because “sometimes I do not accept money, such as condolences to the old man in the nursing home, I not only do not accept the appearance fee, return to the old man as a gift.” Mr. Zhu said he was obligated to perform at the invitation of the county government or CCTV, and that “the most I could charge was a ride fee.”

Since becoming famous, Zhu Zhiwen has been very busy. Usually he is either performing or on the way to a performance. It has been red for 10 years, and the harvest is not cheap. No one knows exactly how much money he has, and Mr. Zhu won’t say how much he has, even his brother.

On the face of it, visible objects like Mr. Zhu’s house do not signify his wealth, but he has quietly installed video surveillance on his home and has a white dog that barks whenever anyone approaches the yard, a reflection of his family’s economic status in the village. In the eyes of Zhu Zhifang, the second elder brother, “The richest man in the village must be his younger brother”, and the villagers generally agree on this.

Zhu Zhiwen cheated on me for two years
Zhu Zhiwen’s home
Before he became famous, Zhu Zhiwen didn’t even leave the door open. On the one hand, he has no property, and on the other hand, it is said that his wife is “safe”, so that after he became famous, a friend named Ruilai once “forced him to divorce”.

Many people tend to forget the past. Before becoming famous, Li Yuhua and Zhu Zhiwen did not suffer less.

Zhu Zhiwen was born in Zhulou Village, Guocun Town, Shanxian County, Heze City, Shandong Province, which has more than 500 families. At first, his family was very poor. In the words of his elder brother, Zhu Zhixun, “he is not the last one in the village, but the third and fourth from the bottom”.

There are reasons for poverty, Zhu Zhiwen told me: “My father died young, my eldest and second brothers split up early, and my sisters all married young.” In the days of farming, when subsistence depended mainly on labor, the Zhu Zhiwen family could not compare with other families in the village.

Zhu Zhiwen had seven brothers and sisters in all. His father died when he was six or seven years old. With the separation of his eldest brother and his second brother, his sisters got married one after another.

Many people in the village started getting married around the age of 17. The matchmaker had crossed the threshold, but Zhu Zhiwen’s family had not. “My family is poor, and the matchmaker is not willing to match me.” Zhu Zhiwen said that at that time, he had been offered marriage in three families, but all of them were rejected.

It wasn’t until he was 30 that his “long history of being single” was rewritten. This year, someone introduces the object to him, the object comes from the next county – the countryside of Chengwu County. When his father-in-law looked at him, he saw that except for his big mouth, Zhu Zhiwen was not bad, he was white, he was tall, and he was a good match for his family — everyone was poor.