Xizang Lose Horse Office Officer

Xizang Lose Horse Office Officer
Zhaxi Jiangcuo, male, Tibetan, born in June 1966, started work in August 1986 and joined the Communist Party of China in March 1995. To creat a former Tibet transportation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as to creat company), vice chairman of the board of directors, general manager, to creat company, deputy party secretary, chairman, general manager, to creat the company party secretary, chairman of the board (of Tibet highway engineering corporation, deputy party secretary, general manager), the Tibet autonomous region transportation hall) of (hereinafter referred to as autonomous region bureau of party committee, deputy director-general of the autonomous region bureau of vice secretary of party committee, director, vice secretary of the Tibet autonomous region people’s government, the general office of party members.

In May 2020, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region placed on file a case for investigation into Zhaxi Jiangcuo’s suspected serious violations of discipline and law, and took measures to detain him. In September 2020, Zhaxi Jiangcuo was expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and removed from public office after a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Tibet Autonomous Region was studied and approved by the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Zhaxi Jiangcuo’s suspected crimes were transferred to procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution.

On November 30, 2020, under the jurisdiction of the People’s Procuratorate of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the People’s Procuratorate of Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, filed a public prosecution against Zhaxi Jiangcuo for taking bribes at the Intermediate People’s Court of Shannan City.

In the process of accepting the organization’s review and investigation, Zhaxi Jiangcuo continued to reflect. He confesses: “Every day, I just change my face. I always wear a mask of integrity in my work, life and family. But in the face of interests, instantly switch to a mask of greed, completely forget the party discipline and state laws, wantonly accept management service object’s money, the amount of huge let oneself shocked.”

Self-important, after the work did not study the party’s theory and discipline law provisions

I don’t listen to different opinions, and I think I am strong in my business, and I don’t need to learn and examine myself

The original mind will not naturally preserve the quality and freshness, if you do not pay attention to it, it may be dusty and faded, and it will dry up and wither if you do not nourish it for a long time. Zha xi jiangcuo relied on his professional mastery and arrogance, and for a long time he relaxed his study of political theory and was lazy in cultivating one’s morality, which led to the gradual loss of his original aspiration and his going astray.

Born in a road maintenance class and growing up along the Sichuan-Tibet highway, Zhaxi Jiangcuo has formed an indissoluble bond with the traffic since childhood. His father is Han and his mother is Tibetan, and his parents are both road maintenance workers, which makes Zhaxi Jiangcuo feel very proud. He describes himself as the “united ethnic group” and the “second generation of Tibet”, the standard “second generation of traffic”. He studied in the transportation school, work in the transportation system, and then step by step to become the director of the autonomous region’s transportation department.

Speaking of Zhaxi Jiangcuo, his former colleagues in Tianlu Company have a deep memory of his long time stationed in the construction line of Qinghai-Tibet Highway, Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China-Nepal Highway and other national highways as well as the main highway in the region, where he walked through the reinforced concrete jungle for several months. At that time, Zhaxi Jiangcuo, full of passion and hard work, soon achieved excellent performance and won the trust of the organization, leadership and recognition of colleagues.

In February 1999, Zhaxi Jiangcuo was promoted to vice chairman and general manager of Tianlu Company at the age of 32, and since then he has had a broad platform to display his ambition.

However, with the promotion of his position, Zhaxi Jiangcuo began to attribute the brilliant achievements created by the company to his own “good leadership” in his complacency and flattery. After the change in his thinking, he gradually turned a deaf ear to different opinions, believing that he was strong in his profession and did not need to study or examine himself. He said frankly, “I have not studied the Party’s innovation theory, the Party Constitution, the Party’s rules and regulations, and the Constitution, laws and regulations seriously since I started my job. The education I have attended on various topics is only superficial and perfunctory.” It was not until he was placed in detention that he suddenly woke up with a start. “The word ‘beginmind’ is something I used to say on the stage and I was very familiar with it, but in fact I didn’t know its meaning at all!”

To maintain the political character of honesty and integrity, we need to take enhancing Party spirit cultivation as a lifelong task. Zaxi jiangcuo relaxed learning, running and leaking on their own thoughts and loose landslide, not timely maintenance, resulting in ideological deviation. Others in front of the grand, wearing a good leader, good cadres, good comrades mask, people behind the drive of selfish desires, breaking the rules and laws of the “crazy racing”, all the way through the “red light”, breaking the bottom line, and eventually “killed”.

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