Woman falls with young children

According to the public security bureau of Changfeng County in Hefei, Yang Mouyan, 29, jumped to her death with her children from a building due to family conflicts and emotional discord between the couple.

A few days ago, Yang Yan, his sister, complained on the Internet that she needed her husband’s signature to be cremated, but no one could be found.

On March 17, Yang Yan told the cover reporter that her sister, Yang Mou Yan, applied for divorce on March 8, was invited home by her husband on March 11, and jumped to her death with their children in the early morning of March 12. “I don’t know what happened that night. I had a lot of conflicts with her husband’s family before, and I was accused of eating for nothing because of taking care of the children full-time.”

Divorce calm period suicide, cremation needs spouse to sign but can not find a person

Yang Yan told the cover news reporter, Yang Mouyan filed for divorce on March 8, waiting for the divorce cooling period, her sister has moved out of the incident community, on the evening of March 11, her husband Du Mouhai invited her to the home, seven or eight o ‘clock or so is still in the video with her mother, there seems to be nothing abnormal, 12 at 6 a.m. but received her last words.

“My sister wanted to leave the family, but she could not leave the children, so she chose this road. This is the best place for my sister,” Yang said in her last note.

“They asked my sister to leave the house completely and refused to give her the two children. My sister had been working for less than a month, and the husband had already asked her for alimony,” Yang’s brother-in-law said.

Woman falls with young children
Family members learned from neighbors that on the night of March 11, around 2 a.m., they also heard a quarrel in Yang’s home.

“We just wonder what the family did to my sister that night. What did he say?” “The funeral home requires both parties (relatives and spouses of the deceased and their immediate family members) to sign together,” Yang said. “We are also looking for the family, hoping to cremate the body and bury her as soon as possible.”

Sister said the dead man quit his job to take care of the children, and was accused by her husband’s family of “free food”

“My sister and Du met on a blind date. She used to work as a cashier in a restaurant to make some money. She was pregnant when she got married in 2016, and quit her job to have a child. Both of Yang’s children are in poor health. Her 4-year-old daughter has a congenital ear disease, and her son, who is less than two years old, is also sickly, and spent half a month in an incubator at birth.

In a screenshot of the last words provided by her family, Yang recounts a conflict she had with Du’s family, when her daughter had a fever of 39 degrees and her father-in-law accused her of making the house a mess. Her husband also argued with her after returning home.

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