Good couples die, bad couples die

Old saying said:

“Husband and wife are the same forest birds, when disaster comes, they fly separately.”

Good couples spend their lives together

In the eyes of many people, this sentence is the image of a couple, who can only share good times and bad times.

But husband and wife are also stratified, good couples in the ups and downs of life together, in Shared adversity, let the heart of the distance closer.

And bad couples, haggle over every ounce, in order to benefit by hook or by hook, even hurt each other’s partners.

Marriage, originally is to look for a shelter for you to rely on, but if this person is not a lover, you will find that your life in ups and downs, all is given by him.

Therefore, the word “husband and wife” can never be simply understood as partners, they are we have each other, mutual support of the “marriage partners.”

If you choose the right person, your life will be full of sunshine. If you choose the wrong person, your life will be nothing but chicken feathers.

Good husband and wife, are past life friendship

In the end, marriage is all about character.

There is a line in the TV series Do You Know:

“Get along with people, ultimately rely on, or the lowest.”

We always say that marriage is sometimes the world’s most fragile existence, the slightest external temptation, it will shake and even collapse.

But in fact, a good marriage, is a life of friendship, love to be willing to risk life and death for each other, but also together.

During the Jiuzhaigou earthquake, I saw a heartwarming news:

As night falls, a bus traveling to Jiuzhaigou cannot go forward because of the earthquake in Jiuzhaigou, ready to return to Chengdu, suddenly aftershocks, large rocks keep rolling down.

The mountain roads were broken by rocks, one of which hit the back window of the bus and shattered all over the ground.

Sitting right next to the window was a couple from Zhejiang province, who happened to be visiting Jiuzhaigou during their summer vacation.

At that critical moment, the boy suddenly opened his coat, wrapped the girl tightly in his clothes, and shielded her with his body against the flying stones!

Fortunately, the stone that flew in was not big and the clothes were thick enough. The boy was not hurt. The girl felt that she was suddenly embraced.

The girl was in a state of shock.When the reporter asked the boy why he was so quick, the boy said:

“I didn’t think anything but not to hit her.”

The reporter asked the girl again, next in Chengdu plan how to arrange?The girl said with a sweet face:

“Booked the plane ticket home tomorrow, back I will marry him!”

There are times in our lives when we hit rock bottom, when our lives are at stake, and when we want someone to give us hope.

And this person, in addition to our parents, is our partner.

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  • Husbands and wives should understand and respect each other to achieve a good life state

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