Hohhot mayor says’ sorry ‘

Hohhot mayor says' sorry '
“On behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, I sincerely apologize to all of you and say sorry. Please understand!” With that, Hohhot’s mayor, He Haidong, stood up and bowed in apology.

Afore-mentioned scene, happened in the city on March 16 investment projects promise to cash the conference. He Haidong not only apologized, but also solemnly said: must no longer promise “empty checks.”

According to his official bio, He was born in February 1966 and a native of Huade, Inner Mongolia. He served as deputy Party secretary of Tongliao. He took office in Hohhot in May 2019 and was elected mayor in February this year.

“The purpose of holding the meeting today is to send several signals: First, the government must act in good faith, no matter how many difficulties there are and how many reasons there are. Second, to advance the work of the government, new officials must settle old accounts; Third, to improve the business environment, the government and enterprises must sing the same song.”

He Haidong said that in recent years, Hohhot has signed agreements with various enterprises to attract investment and agreed to many conditions, but in the process of implementing the agreements, a lot of work is not done in time, not only hurt the interests of enterprises, but also hurt the hearts of entrepreneurs. Then he stood up and bowed to the entrepreneur in apology.

He Haidong promised to continue to increase the strength of cash payment, will not allow the expiration of the situation will not happen, said to do it, at the same time must not give the enterprise to promise those impossible “empty checks”. On the same day, the city cashed funds from 10 projects, totaling 176 million yuan.

First, in order to build a sound business environment, Hohehot proposed in this year’s government work report that the government should thoroughly investigate all outstanding commitments made by the government, and “apologize first and honor later” for reasonable and legal commitments. He Haidong said in an interview that to be honest means to build a government that keeps its word.

Hohhot mayor says' sorry '
The second background is that Inner Mongolia has made up its mind to give priority to the improvement of its business environment as a major task in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

On February 18th, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Inner Mongolia held a regional conference on optimizing business environment. Shi Taifeng, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, pointed out that the current business environment problem has become the most strongly reflected by all kinds of local market players, the most prominent impact on the image of the region, and the most serious problem restricting high-quality development.

According to the “Chinese Province Business Environment Research Report 2020”, Inner Mongolia’s total score of business environment evaluation is only 44.97, ranking 25th in the country, more than 33 points behind the first place.

To optimize the business environment “bull nose”, Shi Taifeng stressed a number of aspects, one of which is to guide cadres to enhance the awareness of the market, service awareness, legal awareness, integrity awareness, more based on the needs of enterprises and the public to solve problems.

The mayor of Hohhot’s public apology and the cash cash of 176 million yuan can be seen as “the capital should lead” in improving the business environment.

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