The king of Thailand finally took part in Sulthida!

The king of Thailand finally took part in Sulthida!
The king of Thailand with Sutheda and Sinina attended the event, Sinina’s blue dress completely stole the queen’s thunder, Sutheda was particularly lost face. Ming Ming is the master of the harem, the mother of the country, but was defeated by the imperial concubine.


Looking at the past, the most dazzling crowd has always been sinina, sinina’s dark blue skirt, is really full of infinite feminine flavor. Queen Sudeda could only watch Concubine Sinina show her light. Sienina is no longer content with pure colors, and this detailed blue dress shows off her charms.


In fact, the king of Thailand all see these in the eye, perhaps also can not bear to see sinina too too ostentatious. On March 15, the first day of the new week, the King of Thailand released a beautiful picture of Queen Sudhida early in the morning, and officially called her the Honourable Queen. Such an official protector also put a certain amount of pressure on Sinina.


This beautiful picture of Sudhida released by the King of Thailand is just like a palace! It was a far better professional outfit than her decidedly unglamorous beige suit, which is exactly what the king thinks a queen should look like. This kind of dark green department is more composed than the blue department of the noble concubine Si Ni Na. The hem of the top actually has the same effect as the fishtail skirt. The king of Thailand is supporting Suthida! But it was late last year that Sutheeda wore the dark green outfit, and then went missing for more than 40 days. Sudida, who appeared again, was full of thoughts and had no aura.


The dark green dress actually suits Sutheeda, who has opened six times this year and appeared alone with the King of Thailand on only two of them, without Sinina. The green dress was worn at one of these events, and the dark green made Sutheeda’s skin even more pale.

Although these two sets of clothes are made by Tess, but a set of more modern sense of a bit of professional wear, the other set of more traditional style. Sutheda never figured out how she could get back in favor, trying to outdress Sinina, but she was slapped in the face every time.

The king of Thailand finally took part in Sulthida!

Although Concubine Sinina’s blue dress was dazzling this time, it was less formal and ceremonial than the green dress of Sotheda. In fact, in the Thai royal family, gold is the official color, and blue is generally the color of choice of the nobility. Consort Sinina wants to show her status and look in the camera at the same time, and since she’s not as high as Sutheeda, she can’t even walk the red carpet, so she has to make these public appearances to make herself more attractive.


With the United States is like a celestial being to describe the poem Nina is not too much, the blue skirt of poem Nina lets a person see the craft of traditional Tai Si, let a person see her again the most gentle one side. In fact, the king of Thailand most hope that sutida and sinina can coexist peacefully, but sutida is too narrow-minded, and sinina and do not know low-key, so always give a person feel very strong.


The king of Thailand finally took part in Sulthida! Can’t stand Sinina stealing the limelight? Queen Sudhida will be attending another event tomorrow. She has already given a preview of her itinerary, but did not mention the name of Concubine Sinina, but as is the nature of the King of Thailand, she will be taking her too, as she is about to welcome her latest royal concubine, Bimee.