Didi driver killed passenger after altercation

Didi driver killed passenger after altercation
An online ride-hailing driver in Changle District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, died after running into a passenger with his car in an altercation and conflict. On the 15th, the police in Changle District of Fuzhou announced that the driver involved has been detained.

A cousin of the victim surnamed Zhang told thepaper.cn (www.thepaper.cn) on Friday that he learned from the police that Zhang was hit and killed three times by a driver that night, which was “very bad”.

Zhang’s cousin said he was in his 30s and worked as a driver for a local department. 14 more than 2 a.m., on the weekend, Zhang and his girlfriend at a friend’s home after playing cards to make an appointment with a car online. As the mobile phone bound to the account was in the hands of his father, Zhang called the driver in advance and told him not to call in order not to affect his father’s rest. But at 2:43 a.m., the driver still called when he arrived near the place where he got on the bus. After Zhang Mou gets on the bus some complain, had an argument with the driver.

“After getting off the bus, my cousin threw his last cup of green tea into the driver’s trunk, and the driver turned around and hit my cousin,” Zhang recalled. We understand from the police that the driver hit it three times in a row.”

“A very, very small thing.” The victim’s cousin said he had asked his girlfriend what he had said to the driver that night, and she said there was basically no conversation and nothing happened.

“Because she was standing behind the victim, she was cushioned, and the force was all positive by my cousin.” Zhang’s cousin said.

Why is Zhang’s phone number used on his father’s mobile phone? According to the cousin, Zhang, who was also a driver for Didi, used the mobile phone number to receive orders and place orders. After changing jobs, Zhang’s mobile phone card was given to his father, but the phone number tied to Didi was still the same.

In the early hours of March 15, Didi’s staff reached an agreement with the family, Zhang’s cousin said. Cousin’s body is still in the funeral home, the case is still being investigated.

According to a police investigation, an online ride-hailing driver surnamed Gao and a passenger surnamed Zhang had an argument about an order at around 2 am on Thursday, and Gao lost control of his emotions and drove into Zhang, the public security bureau in Changle District of Fuzhou, Fujian province, said in a statement on its official Weibo. Subsequently, the suspect Gao police surrendered to the public security organs, the victim Zhang died after hospital rescue. Suspect Gao has been the police criminal detention, the case is further investigation processing.

Earlier, Didi Chuxing announced on its official Weibo account on Thursday that a special task force went to visit the families of the victims on Thursday and will do its best to assist them in dealing with the aftermath.

Didi said the driver was registered as a Didi driver in April 2019 after passing a background check (he had no criminal record) and obtained an online booking taxi driver license. He has been driving for 19 years and had no safety-related complaints in the past.