The NPC improved Hong Kong’s electoral system

The NPC improved Hong Kong's electoral system
Thirteenth session of the National People’s Congress four conference 11 high ticket through the National People’s Congress on perfecting the electoral system of the Hong Kong special administrative region “(decision), 12, published several mainstream newspapers in Hong Kong in the headlines and more important section for detailed reports, and published an editorial thought, the National People’s Congress on perfecting the electoral system in Hong Kong has high validity and progressive.

Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po commented that it is the power and responsibility of the central government to build a new democratic electoral system in Hong Kong at the constitutional level, which is highly justified and progressive. The re-architected electoral system in Hong Kong fully protects the democratic rights of Hong Kong residents, embodies broad and balanced participation, strives to achieve quality democracy, and reflects the overall and fundamental interests of Hong Kong society. It is an important measure to uphold and improve the “one country, two systems” system and ensure enduring peace and stability in Hong Kong.

Editorial said, decided to focus on rebuilding the electoral commission and increase its function, by ec this center, the election commission, the chief executive election and legislative council election combine several elections, to avoid the election campaign “to be figure”, irrelevant, or even run counter to the disadvantages of, is conducive to realize about the basic law of Hong Kong SAR shall apply the system of administrative dominant political system.

Editorial thought Hong Kong’s da gong bao, a more progressive, more representative, more in line with the actual situation of the electoral system was born, Hong Kong will say goodbye to the cyclical conflict of opposites, dispel parliament extremes, social tore his wound to heal, improved economy and people’s livelihood, consolidate the international status, the future development of Hong Kong will usher in a new. Both the enactment of Hong Kong’s National Security Law and the improvement of Hong Kong’s electoral system, the starting point and ultimate goal of the central government is to fully and accurately implement the principle of “one country, two systems” and safeguard the fundamental interests of China and Hong Kong.

The editorial pointed out that Hong Kong has been stuck in a political quagmire in recent years. Fominations have torn society apart and poisoned students, making it difficult for the SAR government to exercise its governance and the deep-seated problems in society accumulate. Through wind and rain, and through people’s heart and mind, Hong Kong has enjoyed a broad public support for its decisions made by the central government. The decision is not only an exercise of constitutional power, but also a demonstration of respect for the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong. At the NPC and CPPCC sessions for two consecutive years, the NPC took two well-intentioned steps to put things right in Hong Kong. This has paved the way for the steady and lasting progress of “one country, two systems”.

The Hong Kong Commercial Daily published a front-page commentary that the decision to comply with the Constitution is legitimate and reasonable, and it is a major measure of progress and justice to win the people’s favor and benefit their well-being. The expansion and empowerment of the Election Committee and the establishment of the Candidate Qualification Committee have captured a key link in the electoral system. These are necessary reforms and improvements made to address the loopholes in the electoral system in the past. They are in line with the actual situation in Hong Kong and have put the practice of “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong back on the right track. We hope that the SAR government will work with all sectors of society to ensure better and faster implementation of the new electoral system in accordance with the law, so that Hong Kong can get rid of political infighting and social turmoil as soon as possible, and focus on economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood.

After years of turmoil, Hong Kong is at a turning point of chaos and governance, according to an editorial by Sing Tao Daily. At this critical moment, the central government has put the electoral system back on track, removed the sources of chaos that have plagued the society for years, and paved the way for Hong Kong to move forward steadily. A new situation has opened up and a mechanism for maintaining stability and preventing chaos will be set up. The next step for the SAR government and all sectors of society is to earnestly implement the new system, ensure that governance is in the hands of competent and genuine patriots, and refocus on solving the problems of people’s livelihood and serving the best interests of the people.