A 3-year-old boy in Changsha accidentally fell from the 20th floor

A 3-year-old boy in Changsha accidentally fell from the 20th floor
Changsha, a 3-year-old boy Rui Rui followed his grandmother to a neighbor’s house to investigate the decoration, did not expect, after the painter opened the door, Rui Rui went straight to the balcony, because the balcony window is only installed the frame, has not had time to install the glass, in everyone has not reacted, Rui Rui has fallen from the 20th floor, suffered an accident.

Grandma and her grandchildren visited the decoration of the neighbor’s house

The toddler went straight to the balcony after entering the door

The balcony only installed the frame did not install glass

Grandma “can’t win” accident happened

Mr. Zhang’s family lives in the first phase of Jinnan Homeland in Changsha High-tech Zone. After the accident, the whole family is in great grief. According to Jiang Ma, at 3:00 p.m. on 10th, Mr. Zhang’s mother took his three-year-old grandson with her neighbors to inspect the decoration of an owner’s home in Phase III of Jinnan Jiayuan at the suggestion of other neighbors.


Mr. Zhang said that his wife had just given birth to their second child and was in confination for a month. His son’s third birthday was just celebrated on March 2. His mother’s seemingly ordinary outing was met with an irreparable tragedy.

Jiang ma: you saw it and wanted to pull it, didn’t you?

The kid’s grandmother: I didn’t win. He ran straight to me.

The friend of Mr Zhang’s home: grandma self-accusation, if know to have hidden danger of this safety, go won’t go, can pull a child not to let take the door, who won’t think of to enter a door to have this circumstance, nobody reminds again, paint has been done in the home.

The child’s grandfather: you made a window sill without glass, you also need to make a railing around there, to have a sense of safety.

On the morning of March 11, Jiang Ma accompanied Mr. Zhang and his family to return to the scene again. The 3-year-old Rui Rui fell down from the 20th floor and landed on the platform of the third floor. Mr. Zhang said that the yellow toy car in front of him was the toy his son was holding.

Jiang ma: how did they get into your house yesterday? That’s the key question.

Owner: At that time, there was only one painter working inside. If someone knocked at the door, he would certainly open it.

Jiang ma: will you come to visit or not?

Owner: It must be for a visit.

Jiang ma: did you invite them or?

Owner: Not invited.

Jiang ma: was it your mother who invited you?

Owner: this I am not sure, they a lot of dia dia Ai Jie myth together, said to which which to see such decorate, who call who, I haven’t got a clue.

The balcony did not install glass to bury hidden trouble

Parents question the lack of protection and reminders

The owner fixed the glass overnight

We are willing to settle this matter through consultation

After the accident on March 10, the owner of Jinnan Home Phase 3 fixed the Windows overnight. The owner said that at 3:48 p.m. the day before yesterday, he received a call from a friend to ask if he was in the new house. Two minutes later, the painter called to inform him of the accident.


Owner: my friend asked me in the house, I said I was where where work, he hung up the phone, my friend was sure to come to my house, the door did not open, turned back, just they came to see the decoration, knock on the door, the painter again to open the door, only two minutes, on the phone to say the matter.

For this accident, the owners of the house also claimed to be victims, but they said they were willing to negotiate with Mr. Zhang’s family on the matter.


In view of this accident, Changsha Dongfanghong Street Justice Department has called the two sides to coordinate this afternoon. In the three periods of Jin Na home visits nakae mom found that many owners when decorating, knock off the balcony guardrail change for Windows, part of the house owner for net is used to protection, but home still did not take any protective measures, part owner Luo Qi to lawyers argue that the owner did not take protective measures lead to accident, a certain responsibility.

A 3-year-old boy in Changsha accidentally fell from the 20th floor

Hunan jinzhou lawyer at Luo Qi to: in this case, the guardian not to exercise the supervision, protect children, the main responsibility, homeowners was carried out on the balcony space not well safety and leave a major security hidden danger, after the child entered the room also does not have to remind and guard against its guardian, certain secondary responsibility.