To give and take is to be human

Rest of life, content, cherish CAI Kangyong once said: “Human is not gold jewelry, locked in a safe will not produce the so-called human.A man is only human when he comes and goes.”

In fact, people get along with each other.

To give and take is to be human

A heart, was cold for a long time, will become cold.A person, let down for a long time, will also turn around.A friendship, was consumed for a long time, will also disappear.

Sanmao had been studying abroad, not only the entire dormitory of the health, but also take the initiative to help roommates make the bed, fold clothes, and even mop the floor cleaning and so on.

But these roommates not only do not thank Sanmao, but also give all the hard dirty work to Sanmao to do, and then their indecent, in exchange for sanmao left completely.

Zhihu once had a topic: What do you think is the best relationship state?Here’s a great answer: reciprocal giving is the foundation of a long-term relationship.

Sometimes, people should not treat you well, but you should also learn to help others.

Sometimes, other people’s tolerance to you, not should be tolerance to you, but you should also learn to think in other people’s shoes.

In fact, everyone is not stupid, once you wanton to overdraw and consume others to your good, others will be completely on your cold heart and give up.

There is a hedgehog rule.

When two sleepy hedgehogs hugged each other so tightly because of the cold, they felt uncomfortable because of the thorns on each side.

When they leave some space and distance between each other, they will not hurt each other, but also take the warmth of each other.

The relationship between people needs to be measured and measured.No matter how familiar we are, we should not break the rules. No matter how close we are, we should not be inseparable.

Actors Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, who have been friends in the show business for more than 20 years, even live in the same neighborhood, one upstairs and one downstairs.

But whenever Zhou xun experiences setbacks and pains in her relationship, Chen Kun never interferes or participates too much.

Chen Kun was once asked why two people get along so well when he doesn’t care.

Chen kun’s answer is, “I think you should just do what you want and face it by yourself. You fall into the pit, you have to face it by yourself. I will be there when you need me.”

The writer Sanmao once said a sentence: “friends again close, the discretion not to slip away, think familiar, the result of isolation.”

Between people, go too far, the relationship is easy to become cold.But too close, and easy to burn and disturb each other.

Keep the distance, the relationship between each other, in order to advance and retreat freely, in order to flow slowly.

In the TV drama Nirvana in Fire, there is a line: “How many good friends are there in the world, of the same age and like-minded?

Could have been a lifetime intersection.But who would expect a sudden change, from now on, can only helplessly look at the horizon road far.”

The relationship between people is very delicate.

Sometimes they look indestructible, but sometimes they are so vulnerable.Sometimes it seems unbreakable, but sometimes it’s always so fragile.

Wu and Chow once worked together for 12 years, but after the movie Shaolin Soccer, they haven’t seen each other, worked together or even contacted each other for 20 years.

Once, when Ng talks about the friendship, he says ruefully, “I know him very well. We know each other very well.We have the perfect chemistry. We know what each other is thinking with just one look.”

But when the host asked him, “For you, a friendship that was so close in the past has disappeared. Is it a great regret for you that it has disappeared?”

Wu hesitated, then said, “I sometimes wonder what caused the feeling of being a little bit disconnected now.

Moving to another place, having another environment, becoming less and less connected, becoming like people don’t know,

How did you break through the mouth?I’m sure he’s thinking the same thing.But no matter what, it’s not easy to meet each other.”

In fact, no matter the relationship between two people, once again good, but also learn to cherish.

When there is a misunderstanding or conflict between two people:

If you won’t tell me, I won’t ask.If you are not sincere, I will not open up, then there will be a gap, until the distance.

In many moments, we take our relationship with others very seriously.

Sometimes, expectations are too high and we are disappointed.Sometimes, hope too much, will despair.

Actor Sha Yi once mentioned in the show that one night, he checked his phone and found that no one had texted him except his son.

At that time he felt very lost, and then he realized that he always thought he was very important, in fact, everyone in the hearts of others are not so important.

In this world, you may know many friends and acquaintances, but the people who really care and care about you, but very few.

This year, due to the epidemic, Lao Wang’s fruit store not only closed for several months, without any income, but also the rent.

When he was in the most difficulty, he thought of borrowing five thousand yuan from his friend Liu, who had known him for more than twenty years, and was ready to return it at the end of the year.

But as soon as he got on the phone, Lao Liu seemed to realize something and immediately mentioned that his relationship with his wife had been very tense recently.

It was an obvious hint to Lao Wang that he could not lend him any money. Later, Lao Wang hung up the phone, but his heart went cold.

We must not put any friendship on such an incredible level.

Because some people in your life, but because of coincidence and fate, met just, and not good enough to be able to bear the wind and rain.

After becoming an adult, I hope you and I can learn to live up to any relationship and not overestimate any relationship.

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  • Human beings are sentient beings, so your feelings are also the feelings of others

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