In the rest of life, learn to be content, know how to cherish

For the rest of your life, happiness with a smile is contentment.Because the most beautiful gesture in life, than in the complex earth, with deep feeling and simple temperament, so that they always keep a brilliant smile, live a belong to their most beautiful scenery.As Yi Shu said, “Life is a matter of doing pleasure with pain. How much pleasure you can find depends on your ability.”

Yeah!When life is light and flowing like a song, it’s easy to keep a smile on your face.And he lives worthwhile who can smile when all is well.

Rest of life, content, cherish

Life is but a journey, stop and go, let life is not those flowers, but let their hearts, always have a soft time.Therefore, what truly sustains one’s life in this world is not wealth and splendor, nor luxury cars and houses, but thoughts, spirit, soul, and inner blossoms.

Just because life is not easy, we do not need too much luxury perfection, almost on the line, as long as not envy others, not luxury perfect, treat the feelings worth cherishing, seriously live every moment, then every day is colorful, every ordinary day, are full of warmth and completeness.


To know that this life, only the four seasons of reincarnation, no reincarnation of life.Therefore, the years of this book, spring, summer, autumn and winter four chapters, we repeatedly read, each season has each season’s different, only while walking to understand, cherish the present, live the present day, is the wisest wise man.For in this life there is no perfection;Life, also can not be smooth, only everything look down, take it easy, keep physical and mental health, will have tomorrow hope.

To know that people are born, the skin will be old, only the heart of the enrichment and enrichment, is the best sword against the years, is the source of happiness.Is the so-called young at heart, age is not old;Look down everything, health and happiness is good.


Life is not simple, try to live it as simply as possible.As someone said, money makes a good day, no money makes a good mood.Because we can not change the age, but can change the mood.Only with a smile as a label, willing to work hard, maintain self-confidence, perhaps through today’s bitter, tomorrow will meet all the sweet.

Life, just like the weather, can not always be calm, wind and rain, this is a natural phenomenon, only to adjust their mood, control their mood, keep smiling and happy forward, then our life, will be fragrant;Our days will be better and better.


The beauty that lives in the world is not the skin but the warmth and sunshine that emanates from the body, and the integrity and responsibility of the soul.While we are still healthy, we should let ourselves have a heat, hair a light, love the love of the people, do what you want to do, live the day you want, let life in the limited time, free and easy and elegant, live up to the time of life, it is worthwhile.

Because, only now can grasp, is the real happiness;Only when we know how to be satisfied, we can tolerate all the difficult things in our life with an open-minded and easy heart, and keep a peaceful attitude towards everything around us to meet the sunrise and sunset every day, then our life will be more and more prosperous.


May everyone in the world who loves life live at ease, live in harmony at home, live happily and everyone be happy!As long as the rest of your life happy, is the greatest contentment!


  • Learn to cherish and be grateful. Then your life will become very beautiful

  • Learn to cherish and be grateful. Then your life will become very beautiful

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