“Rat poison peanut” was stolen with battery

"Rat poison peanut" was stolen with battery
A resident of Yantan District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, said that the police responded to the report that the poisonous peanuts had been stolen: the items had been recovered and the “peanut was drenched in rat poison” was because the informant lied about the latest development.

On March 11, thepaper.cn learned from authorities at Yantan Public Security Bureau in Zigong, Sichuan Province, that a man and the owner of an electric scooter were detained by local police for nine days for falsely reporting that poisonous peanuts were stolen along with them.

Previously, it was said that the aforementioned informant was criticized for education.

Two days ago, on September 9, a lawyer told thepaper.cn that false reporting of police information may be punished by the Public Security Administration Punishment Law, which includes administrative responsibilities such as fine or detention. Second, if the circumstances are serious, it may also involve criminal responsibility.

Along the shore of the public security bureau of the police said, after investigation, Jiang found the battery stolen, worried about Qiu looking for him to lose money, so ahead of time to discuss with Qiu Qiu, imitate the network short video, through the fictitious poison peanuts, exaggerate the police situation, in order to expand the influence, Jiang reported the case, Qiu agreed and cooperate with Jiang. The case of “poisonous peanuts stolen together” caused social panic. Two people involved in the act of disturbing the public order, the public security organs in accordance with the law to the people involved in the Jiang, Qiu, sentenced to nine days of administrative detention punishment.

Surging news previously reported, March 8, along the beach, the public security bureau police said urgent reminder released official weibo, 8, 9 PM, weak district residents reported, its parking outdoor parking Spaces in the era of xincheng HuaYu small along the beach the battery of battery tricycle stolen, according to a report said the battery car cushion for poison rat under two packets (each pack half jins) soaked rat medicine have peanut shell, also stolen. “At present, the public security authorities are doing their best to carry out their work. Please the general public actively provide clues, after discovering stolen peanuts do not eat and the first time to hand in public security organs. At the same time, he is warned not to eat the peanuts and immediately go to the public security organs to surrender.”

In response to the incident, Yantan Public Security Bureau once again announced that after the public security organs to carry out the investigation work, the suspected criminal suspect Zhang (38 years old, from Yantan District, Zigong City) was arrested at about 11 PM on the 8th, and all the stolen goods have been recovered.