Zhang Wenrong, the “miracle doctor”, was dismissed

Zhang Wenrong, the "miracle doctor", was dismissed
A viral video of the TV show Universe of Medics shows different people, dressed in different clothes and speaking nearly the same lines, promoting fake medical advertisements. A private hospital in Beijing, where one of the “miracle doctors” Zhang Wenrong treated, said in a statement on March 9 that all the information in Zhang’s advertisements had nothing to do with the hospital and removed him from his post as honorary president of the hospital. On March 10, Beiqing – Beijing Toutiao reporter learned that the hospital’s website and WeChat official account had urgently revised or deleted all articles containing the keyword “Zhang Wenrong”.

In the video collection, a group of 30 to 40 miracle doctors declared, “I am over 70 years old, even if I don’t rest every day, how many people can I see in a year? I couldn’t finish it even if I was dead tired. So, I toss and turn thought struggle for more than a month, finally made a decision against the ancestors…”


One of them, Zhang Wenrong, was identified as the same man who was being treated at Beijing’s Heniantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the deputy chief physician in the hospital, honorary president, also known as the “red wall national doctor.”


The hospital’s official account, WeChat, said in a statement that the above advertising information is not associated with Beijing Heniantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By decision, Zhang Wenrong was relieved from the post of Honorary President of the hospital.

The statement said that Zhang was only a doctor visiting the hospital, and that the public should be vigilant to avoid being deceived and report the case to the local industrial and commercial authorities, drug authorities, health and planning authorities or public security authorities. The hospital has never allowed Comrade Zhang Wenrong to advertise on any media, website or WeChat in any name, and has not provided diagnosis or prescription for patients through any website WeChatB1 or QQ.


Headlines on March 10, north green – Beijing reporter query the hospital official WeChat number and found that the current articles involving wen-jung chang push left 24, from the earliest release time to read an article on January 20, 2017, enrollment notice about pediatric massage skills training, wen-jung chang is one of infantile massage teacher team members, promote him in the “C” in the figure, and announced that it is capable of pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine and massage of the famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, experts, senior physician.

However, the end of these articles all showed that “article was modified on March 10, 2021,” and Zhang Wenrong’s name had disappeared. Previous notices containing the schedule of Zhang’s visits have been deleted.


The hospital’s official website also has no information about Zhang on the doctors’ team.

“Zhang Wenrong is a doctor of many places, which means he only comes two and a half days a week. He also makes house calls in other places,” a hospital official said. He has been stopped and we can no longer register him at the hospital.” As for when the house call will be, the staff said, they have not been informed.