Nearly 6 million people in Beijing have been vaccinated

Nearly 6 million people in Beijing have been vaccinated
A total of 8.7797 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine were vaccinated in Beijing, and 5.9669 million people were vaccinated. This is Beijing related department 10 introduction.

On Jan 1, 2021, Beijing started the vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine. On the basis of the previous complete key crowd vaccination, Beijing actively yet prudently pushing period of vaccination, high-risk population, maintain social basic crowd running around infection, basic living supplies security key positions and the crowd, service industry and labor-intensive industry practitioners such as the spread of disease high risk crowd vaccination, implement key personnel “can do”. At the same time, mass vaccinations will be given to people aged 18 to 59.

Today, China Unicom Building, located in the Xicheng District of Beijing, has posted a “green building” safety sign as a priority business building in Xicheng District to meet the vaccination standards. The green sign says that more than 80 percent of the people in the building are vaccinated.

The Unicom Tower is the first of 477 commercial buildings in Xicheng District to display the sign, and the district will begin labeling each building that meets the standards.

Sun Shuo, head of Beijing’s Xicheng District, said the situation is generally stable, but it cannot be taken lightly or relaxed. He called on citizens and people from all walks of life to seize the hard-won “window period”, take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility for the society, the industry and their families, strengthen the concept of health, vaccinate, and inject a dose of protection to the life and safety of themselves and their families. At the same time, it is hoped that all commercial building practitioners will work together to build barriers for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the principles of “do what you need to do” and “do what you need to do as soon as possible”.

In Beijing’s Daxing District, there are many enterprises and departments that are engaged in public services and fully support vaccination. For example, the information desk in the terminal of Daxing International Airport, the information office of tourism companies, the lost and found office, and the catering area on the fifth floor of the aviation building are all posted with the special logo of the vaccine-meeting unit — “reassuring logo”. Scan with a mobile phone, you can also see the list of enterprises that have reached the standard of vaccination in Daxing District.

In addition, the reporter learned from Beijing’s Chaoyang District that more than 1 million people have been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, 54 vaccination sites have been set up in the district, covering 43 districts and townships, through the mode of fixed and temporary vaccination. The motor vaccination points at the same time, also are enabled, which is located in the center of the chaoyang district board mobile vaccination point start, capacious and bright office building with a temporary holding area, close to the registration area, waiting area, inoculated area, under observation area and emergency disposal area, all inoculation one-way flow, the bayonet arrange staff guidance, avoid personnel gathered, service for enterprise employees provide vaccination.

“Vaccination is an effective way to prevent and control the epidemic,” said Wang Hao, Communist Party secretary of Chaoyang District of Beijing. “It can protect ourselves and reassure our families, and also cut off the spread of the virus among the population, which is good for the economic and social development of the region.” Chaoyang district should further implement the responsibility of the territory, safely and orderly promote the vaccination work, do “should be connected”, “should be as soon as possible”, build a strong immune barrier.