The woman spent forty thousand dollars on medical beauty

The woman spent forty thousand dollars on medical beauty
Ms. Huang, from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was in extreme discomfort after paying more than 40,000 yuan for a medical beauty program. She also left a large bruise on her left forehead, which is still under treatment. Local health authorities have launched an investigation.

I was promoted by the dean before doing the project

Once called “no side effects”

On March 9, Ms. Huang recalled this medical beauty experience to reporters. As a long-time practitioner of medical beauty projects, Ms. Wong is well versed in many projects. In 2018, after consulting various information, she chose this Yuehao Medical Cosmetic Hospital.

At first, Ms. Huang injected water light needles, face thinning needles, etc., the effect is good, which makes her trust in the hospital. “There are all kinds of risks, but I’ve been aware of some of them, and they’ve worked really well.” A few months ago, as a regular client of the hospital, she bought several packages of face-thinning needles for long-term injections. In early February, Ms. Huang made an appointment with a sales representative of the hospital for a face-thinning injection, and agreed to go to the hospital for an injection on February 5.

This time the injection is the share of the last set meal, Ms. Huang did not plan to consume, but before the project, the sales representative’s words, let her a little tempted. “It was supposed to be a face-thinning needle, but they told me about a collagen injection program to replenish my forehead, which made me interested.” Ms. Huang said the salesman told her that a full forehead would make her face look fuller and younger. “After consulting the price, I was still a little worried about the effect and safety of the program, but a hospital director surnamed Wang came out to give me a face-to-face explanation,” she said.

“President Wang promised again and again that there would be no side effects. He said it was liquid, not gel, and there was no risk of embolism. He was an expert, so he believed it.” Ms. Huang said the hospital did not give her any warning about the risks, nor did she sign a risk notice.

According to the two notices provided by Ms. Huang, there was no signature from the customer. “They gave it to me afterwards, and they started the project after paying the money on the same day.” Speaking of which, Ms. Wang said she would not have taken the injection if the risk had been explained beforehand.



The notice was not signed by Ms. Huang

It doesn’t take long for a needle to go down

Blurred forehead

At around 2pm on Feb 5, Ms Huang paid the fee, applied an anesthetic and prepared for an injection. It took Ms. Huang about 15 minutes to complete the injection of the face thinning needle and the collagen needle. During the process, Ms. Huang already felt uneasy and anticipated discomfort. “President Wang was chatting with the nurses all the time. I also reminded them not to talk and concentrate on the injection. He assured me that nothing would happen.”

After the injection, Ms. Huang experienced physical reactions, dizziness, inability to lift her eyes and congestion, and a bruise on her left forehead where she had been injected. Subsequently, Ms. Huang vomited repeatedly, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and became confused. “The whole process took nearly four hours, and finally a doctor came to take blood pressure and get fluids.”


At first, she said, she was told she had lost “glucose,” but later learned that the liquid contained hormones. “It was something that needed rescuing, and no one told me.” After her symptoms eased, Huang chose to go home to rest, but instead of bringing her beauty, the needles left her disfigured.

Photos provided by Ms. Huang showed that over the next few days, the bruise on her left forehead became larger and darker, severely damaging her overall facial image. She went to the hospital to coordinate the solution, but since the incident happened more than a month ago, the two sides have not reached an agreement on compensation and solution.

Huang went to many hospitals to see doctors, and her medical records showed that in addition to skin injuries, she had symptoms that appeared to be nerve damage. “Some symptoms need to be confirmed after recovery, but doctors also prescribed a lot of medicine,” she said. Ms. Huang carried a large bag of medicine, she told reporters that the current medical expenses have cost about 10,000 yuan, Yue good hospital only paid more than 1,000.

The health department is investigating

Hospital: willing to be responsible for the investigation results

At noon on March 9, reporters and Ms. Huang came to Yue good beauty hospital, a Han surnamed vice president of administration to reporters. Han said they had contacted Huang several times after the incident, offering to pay for the treatment, but Huang refused. “Ms. Huang asked for 1 million yuan in compensation. We couldn’t do it before any results came out. We wanted to treat the disease first and then pay compensation, but she refused.” She believes that the amount of compensation proposed by Ms Huang is also “quite different from the actual amount”.

Did the hospital inform and explain the risks when selling to Ms. Huang? Han said they have handed over the materials to the law enforcement team of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) and would not be able to give any details to reporters. At the same time, Ms. Huang had asked the hospital to impose administrative punishment on doctors involved in the world. “Whether it is the doctor’s operation or Ms. Huang’s individual reaction, we are waiting for the investigation results. As for whether the doctor apologized or not, we will not punish the doctor. We will solve the problem internally and not make it public.”

At the same time, Han said that if the hospital has any violations of laws and regulations, it is duty-bound to wait for the results of the investigation by the competent authorities. “No matter what the result of the investigation is, I plan to protect my rights through the law,” Huang said.