The “Green Committee” lives with the DPP spokeswoman

The "Green Committee" lives with the DPP spokeswoman
DPP lawmaker Wang Dingyu was reported to be living with DPP spokeswoman Yan Ruofang, 17 years younger. Both tried to clarify that they were just “tenants and landlords”. According to Taiwan’s “ETToday news cloud” reported on March 10, Taiwan celebrity Xu Shengmei said that in fact, the original Taiwan media targeting the object is not Yan Ruofang, is to follow Wang Dingyu and “another person”, accidentally found that the two people in and out of the same residence. Xu Shengmei and revealed that there are a lot of wonderful things behind.


On the evening of November 3, 2020, Wang Dingyu and Yan Ruofang returned to Yan Ruofang’s home together. Photo from Taiwan Der Weekly

According to the report, Xu revealed on TVBS that a source told her that Der Weekly had filmed Wang coming and going to Yan’s house frequently since last year, but in fact Der Weekly had only targeted Wang and did not expect to target his “tenant relationship” with Yan Ruofang.

“It has something to do with other events, but I’m not in a position to make it very clear,” Xu said, adding that Der Spiegel wasn’t filming for the election, but there was no strong evidence so far that she didn’t reveal it on the show. But she said it was certain that the magazine was targeting Mr. Wang and “another person,” and that Ms. Yan happened to be involved in the incident.

Xu Shengmei also mentioned that the real purpose of the weekly shooting and Wang Dingyu’s “privacy” related, but not entirely emotional events, finally she foreshadowed, “I can only say that it is not finished, there are a lot of wonderful things behind.”


Wang Dingyu (left) and Yan Ruofang (right) (Photo Credit: “ETToday News Cloud”)

Taiwan’s China Times News reported on September 9 that Wang Dingyu, who always gave people the image of loving wife and caring for family, was revealed to have stayed at Yan Ruofang’s residence frequently, up to five days a week. Wang even stayed at Yan’s home on the night of his wife Li Shuyin’s birthday. They often go in and out with each other. Yan not only drives Wang to work, but also helps him buy breakfast. Wang Dingyu also has an access card at Yan’s house, allowing him to enter and leave at any time.

Wang responded to the Revelations by saying that he and Yan had a “landlord-tenant relationship” and that his wife knew about it. Yan also argued that Wang wanted to rent a room a while ago, so she gave it to him for NT $8,000 a month. She also said that she usually lives with her parents, not in the house, sometimes because it is too late. Many netizens on the island asked Yan Ruofang, “Do you know Wang is married?” “Are there any vacancies?” one joked. Some netizens criticized Wang Dingyu for his behavior despite being married.

Wang’s father is a native of Hainan province and his mother is from Tainan’s Ma Dou people. His radical cross-strait stance has made him well known in “Taiwan independence circles”. He is also a frequent activist in the island’s pro-green media, and has previously boasted that “one Taiwanese soldier can destroy one Chinese tank” and threatened to amend Taiwan’s “security law” to ban people from displaying the five-star red flag in public places.

A commentary published by China Times News on September 9 said that Wang Dingyu and Yan Ruofang wanted to “subrent” an apartment in the “Legislative Yuan”, which was free of charge. The argument was full of flaws and made people laugh. More serious than personal virtue, the article said, was the fact that Mr. Wang had long used his influence to help Ms. Yan’s political career. In 2019, Yan Ruofang lost the position of director of the youth department of the DPP, and Wang Dingyu was dismissed as a member of the Central Standing Committee. Earlier, for the sake of Yan Ruo-fang’s election, he “went straight to Taipei from the southern part of the country as soon as he finished his visit to the southern part of the country, and accompanied her to pay her respects.” He wondered whether his care for her had been unkind from the very beginning, “but such a separation of public power and private affairs, should the DPP give an explanation to society?