Like a saying: heaven sends the dawn, is given to everyone.

To rise early is a practice

Early to bed and early to rise

Like a saying: heaven sends the dawn, is given to everyone.

Morning is the hour of the day.Morning is the most energetic time, after a night’s rest, the brain and body have been adjusted to the best state.Studying and working at this time is easier and more efficient.

And if you look closely at the people around you who insist on getting up early, most of them don’t do too badly.

In his early years as a writer, Haruki Murakami smoked to keep his mind on writing, smoking 60 cigarettes a day and becoming sedentary, causing his body to deteriorate rapidly from the inside out.

Murakami realized that he had to find a way to maintain his physical strength if he was to survive the long years ahead as a novelist.

He began to march like a regular life, get up at 4am every day, make himself a simple breakfast, after eating, sit in front of the computer and write immediately, never procrastinating.

Get up early, enjoy some quiet time alone, no one is bothering you, improve your work efficiency,

Happiness is greater when life is less chaotic and when everything around you is in order.

The early bird catches the worm.

If you want to practice calligraphy, you can do a post every morning.If you want to have a good figure, get in shape in the morning and keep the habit of exercise.To enrich your mind, drink tea quietly and read a book.

Someone has calculated that if you wake up an hour earlier than everyone else every day, you will gain 30 hours in a month, or 365 hours in a year!

A day or two may not show much difference.But after a year or two, our accumulated health, hobbies, and ideas will bring about a sea change.

To rise early is to win half the battle.

Huxley said:

“Time is the least favouritism; it is given to any man twenty-four hours;Time is also the most favoritism, to give anyone not twenty-four hours.”

On the time scale, everyone is fair.Change your life, is to seize every bit of time, from some insignificant habits and details began.

He who can control his morning can control his life.Have a good morning, can have a good day;Have a good day, can have a good day in the future.

When you cherish the time, time will treat you.When you can overcome laziness, resist temptation, stay diligent and disciplined, one day not far away, you will surely get the life you want.

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  • When you cherish time, time will treat you well

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