Party MP Yang Yueqiao was questioned in prison

Party MP Yang Yueqiao was questioned in prison
The case of 47 Hong Kong rioters accused of violating the territory’s national security laws will be retried in May. Among them, former opposition legislator yeung yue-kiu, who had taught young people to “lead a better life with a criminal record”, also begged for mercy and was refused bail and redetained. Sources close to the situation said that when asked by a fellow inmate “how is it”, Yang Yueqiao did not show any remorse and only responded with profanities.

Hong Kong media’s “east net” reported on July 7 that the girlfriend of liu also faction Kuang, a former spokesman of the civil society group of one of the defendants, had a visit to the lai chi kok detention center on the same day and heard that liu had had an exchange of interest with Yang yuekiu in prison and asked him “what’s the matter? Is the life interesting?”. Mr. Yang responded with an expletive.

Mr. Lau’s girlfriend also claimed that the two were just “mocking themselves” and “making fun of hardship.” But in fact, Yang Yueqiao was asked exactly what he said when he publicly advocated youth crime.

In 2017, when Wong Chi-feng and other Hong Kong rebels were jailed for the “storming of Citizens’ Square case”, Yeung Yue-Kiu, a former lawmaker from the Civic Party of Hong Kong and a practising lawyer, excitedly declared at an opposition rally that “this case has made their lives more exciting”. The comments caused an outcry and were accused of inciting young people to commit crimes.

Hong Kong’s police commissioner, Tang Ping-keung, criticized Yeung without naming him, saying that people with a legal background had no record of their own, but had instigated others to commit crimes, thus causing a weak sense of law-abiding in the society.

Last November, the SAR government announced that Yang Yueqiao would be disqualified from the Legislative Council by the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. The Xinhua News Agency commented at the time that Yang Yueqiao had claimed that “a life with a record is more wonderful” in the “law reform storm”, but as a member of parliament, he encouraged people, especially young people, to break the law, which led to the rampant “black violence” and seriously damaged Hong Kong’s legal system. Yang Yueqiao and others should not take the blame.

Now Mr Yang and 47 other people have been charged with “conspiracy to subvert state power” for taking part in the so-called “35+ primary” organised by the opposition to overthrow the SAR government. The marathon trial lasted four days and four nights from March 1. During this time, Yang Yueqiang also sold himself in court, crying that he was “speaking behind glass as a barrister”, and announced that he was quitting the Citizen Party.

Yang Yueqiao was refused bail and remanded in custody

Of course, Hong Kong citizens did not buy it. Some people said that Yang Yueqiao had made sarcastic remarks on others’ cases, but now he has received sympathy in his own case. It is true that “if you are so romantic, you will fall so far” (a Cantonese saying means to persuade people not to go too far, be careful that there will be no good fruit in the future).

For Yang’s unrepentant attitude in prison, Hong Kong netizens also unceremonially criticized him, saying, “You don’t know the pain until you burn the meat”, “The real sentencing is wonderful”, “The lawyer’s license hasn’t been revoked yet, if there is a record, according to law, the law firm clerk can’t do it”.

The trial of 47 people in Hong Kong on suspicion of conspiring to subvert state power has been postponed until May 31, the presiding judge said Sunday, Xinhua reported. Yang Yueqiao and others were denied bail, and all the defendants must remain in custody.