Wang was sentenced to one year in prison

Wang was sentenced to one year in prison
Former Chinese national soccer player Wang Wanpeng was sentenced to one year and four months in prison for stabbing someone in a bar, sparking heated debate on social media on Thursday.

Later, Shaanxi Changan Athletic Football Club, where Wang coached, also made a statement about the incident, announcing that it had terminated its work contracts with Wang and the other two after the results were confirmed by relevant authorities.

“After the incident last year, the club co-operated fully with the local authorities in their investigation and the three coaches involved were dealt with seriously.”

“Following confirmation of the results from the relevant authorities, the club has terminated the contracts with the three men. Our club will strengthen management, improve the professional quality of coaches, and will never tolerate illegal activities.”

Screenshot of Wang Wanpeng’s Weibo.
Wang Wanpeng also posted on social media, “I am deeply ashamed and regretful that I and my two coaches and colleagues violated the law in July 2020 when we clashed with bar service staff after drinking in Hanzhong Liuba.

“I am fully aware of the mistakes I have made. Instead of being a good example to society as a professional footballer, I am now a coach. Instead, I have disgraced my role as a coach by behaving irrationally and irresponsibly.”

“I am deeply sorry to the club that has nurtured me and trusted me, to the people who have been hurt by this incident and to the public image of football that has been tarnished by my foolish actions.”

“I take seriously the punishment imposed on me by the relevant authorities and the criticism from all the public. I promise that in the future, I will be strict with myself, turn over a new leaf, enhance legal awareness, and become a law-abiding citizen. Once again, my sincere apologies to all those affected: I am sorry.”

Screenshot of the criminal verdict.
A criminal verdict issued by the People’s Court of Liuba County in Shaanxi Province has been published on the website of China Judicial Document. Wang Wanpeng, coach of Shaanxi Changan Athletic Football Club, and Meng Guoqiang and Liu Yibing were given suspended sentences for “picking quarrels and causing trouble,” according to the verdict.

One of them, Wang Wanpeng, was selected for China’s national team in 2008, when he played against the United Arab Emirates.

According to the public prosecution, on July 25, 2020, the defendants Wang Wanpeng, Meng Guoqiang, Liu Yibing, Gu and Zhang went to a bar in YingPan Village, Liuhou Town, Liuba County after drinking. At 22 o ‘clock in the evening, the valley to the bar attendant put forward to sing, the bar attendant to the time is too late to affect the surrounding masses to rest on the grounds rejected its request.

The defendant wang wanpeng rose up and went to the bar and pub luo, head of the row, row the defendant a chair, portable lamps, beer bottles hit Bangladesh a gunman to luo, the defendant wang wanpeng pushed aside waiter zhao mou a rushed into the bar and his fist to beat of luo armour, after the defendant wang wanpeng, guo-qiang meng and the bar at the pub with his fist to beat to dissuade bar waiter Liu Moumou after the two sides were advised to leave the bar.

The defendant guo-qiang meng for row with the waiter returned bar looking for mobile phones and luo stepped forward, guo-qiang meng side a small round table after the luo armour as ran out of the bar, luo, with armour, Liu Moumou waiting to camp last station at the door, at the entrance to the camp post Liu Yibing, guo-qiang meng, wang wanpeng and with armour, Liu Moumou, luo jia people fighting from happening again, in the fighting with a face and hands were injured, luo, zhao mou more than a soft tissue injury, after the two sides were advised to stop fighting.

It was determined that Liu Yibing, Wang Wanpeng and Meng Guoqiang had a conflict with the bar staff, resulting in one minor injury of level 2 and minor injury, and the other minor injury.

In response, the court made a judgment — the defendants Wang Wanpeng and Meng Guoqiang were convicted of picking quarrels and causing trouble, and sentenced to one year and four months in prison, with one year and six months suspended.

Liu Yibing was sentenced to one year and two months in prison for the crime of picking quarrels and provoking troubles, and was suspended for one year and six months (the probation period of suspension was counted from the date of determination of the sentence).