“Ramen Brother” : It’s not me, don’t fall for it

As a bowl of noodles costs 3 yuan and has not risen in price for 15 years, “Ramen Brother” from Shandong Province has become an Internet sensation with its unassuming image. It was previously reported that after becoming popular, “Ramen Brother” was often surrounded by hundreds of anchors in front of his booth for live broadcasting. “I hereby declare that this trademark is not my own. Please be careful not to be deceived,” he said in response to the trademark registration of the related name of “Ramen Brother”. ”
“Ramen Brother” after the explosion of the market in front of a sea of people, a variety of strange business live stream emerged in endlessly
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Recently, Shandong’s “Ramen Brother” has become an Internet sensation for its unpretentious image because a bowl of noodles costs 3 yuan, and it has not raised the price for 15 years. The trademark “Ramen Brother” has been applied for registration, covering categories such as educational entertainment, advertising sales and convenience food.

On March 5, according to the information of SkyEye, the related name of “Ramen Brother” has been applied for trademark registration, related trademarks such as “Ramen Brother”, “Yimeng Ramen Brother” and other international categories include education and entertainment, advertising sales, convenient food and so on.

Among them, the applicant, Shandong Jinke Zhuangyuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. applied for the trademark of “Ramen Brother” on February 24, 2021, and the current trademark status is “trademark application”. Another company, Henan Duoai Trading Co., applied on March 1, 2021, for convenience food.

Heavenly eye check information shows that some companies are applying for the “Ramen Brother” trademark. Source: Sky Eye check official website
In response, thepaper.cn noted that in the early morning of May 5, “Ramen brother” responded through his Kuaishou video account, saying that he saw from the news that someone had registered his trademark, but the trademark was not registered by himself. “I hereby declare that this trademark is not my own, please be careful not to be deceived.” ”

So far, the video has been viewed more than 10 million times.

The paper.cn previously reported that after the popularity of “Ramen Brother”, the booth is often surrounded by hundreds of anchors live broadcast. On February 28, video platform Douyin posted that some users went to the local area to take photos with him, shoot videos or broadcast live, which seriously interfered with his normal life. Douyin cracked down on related content, dealing with 52 broadcast rooms and 202 accounts posing as “Ramen Brother”. On March 4th, the staff of the Internet and Information Office of Fei County Committee of Linyi County responded that in order to ensure the safety of the staff, they will organize local staff to maintain the order of the scene when the “Ramen Brother” stands recently.