We will effectively reduce the burden of childbirth on women

We will effectively reduce the burden of childbirth on women
According to netease, Ding Lei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and CEO neteaseBB1, announced the proposal this year, which involves the high-quality development of digital cultural tourism, the inheritance of digital music culture, the standardization of batteries for new energy vehicles, and the reduction of female fertility burden.

According to netease, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood and creating a better life through scientific and technological innovation are the focus of Ding Lei’s proposals every year. This year, Ding Lei brought some suggestions about “reducing the burden of childbirth”.

In the proposal to “effectively reduce the burden of women’s reproductive and parenting education,” he said that the most important thing to “fully open birth” is to simultaneously plan measures to reduce the burden of childbirth and to address young people’s concerns that they “do not want to have children and do not dare to have children.”

To this, ding lei committee member suggests, from bearing cost high, maternity leave is too short, children medical treatment is short, the actual pain point such as foster system is less developed proceed with, reduce female and its family to be in bear, raise, the burden on education whole link. As appropriate, we will introduce a system of shared parental leave between husband and wife, raise men’s responsibility for jointly raising children, and the state will bear the cost of women’s birth. We will improve medical care for children and increase the number of child-care institutions for infants and young children.

Ding also paid attention to the booming new energy vehicle industry. Ding Lei believes that power battery, as the “heart” of new energy vehicles, has problems such as high production costs and big safety risks due to the lack of national binding unified standards, which seriously affects the coordinated development of new energy vehicle industry.

In this regard, Ding Lei in the “promote the establishment of new energy vehicle battery national standard” relevant proposals suggested: pay close attention to the introduction of national mandatory standards for power batteries, adopt the way of “unified specifications, interchange”, reduce the comprehensive cost of power battery production chain, to ensure the safety of operation; It is suggested that the electrical changing station should be taken as the focus of the new infrastructure construction, and the power changing service network of “separation of vehicle and electricity” should be constructed. The power changing service network should be “immediately used and immediately replaced”, so as to effectively solve the pain point of limited mileage, so as to stimulate the consumer demand of new energy vehicles and contribute to the “battle of blue sky”.

We will effectively reduce the burden of childbirth on women

In addition, Ding Lei also submitted proposals on “playing the role of digital music culture inheritance” and “promoting the high-quality development of digital cultural tourism industry”.

He suggested that the government fully integrate digital music resources and carry out one-to-one precise promotion of traditional music among ethnic groups and regions. It will promote the integration of traditional music, such as folk songs and opera, with new digital music formats, such as “music + cultural travel” and online music performance. Explore the use of AI and other technologies for music creation, and launch AI songs with Chinese cultural characteristics; We will set up a special incentive fund for original musicians, and offer step-by-step tax exemptions and exemptions to stimulate the creativity of traditional music.

Ding Lei suggested building a digital cultural and tourism cooperation service platform, broadening the whole industry chain of smart cultural and tourism, deepening the integration of online and offline development of science and technology enterprises, cultural relics units, tourist attractions, etc. Break data islands, promote data sharing and opening among government and enterprise institutions, create a batch of “immersive tourism” model projects, and promote the transformation and upgrading of cultural and tourism industry; The government has taken a number of measures to stimulate consumption, including special subsidies, to build digital cultural tourism into a new growth point of post-epidemic internal circulation.