The freighter incident, hidden in the details

The freighter incident, hidden in the details
A lot of friends are very concerned about the incident. I read the police investigation report yesterday for several times and felt particularly uncomfortable.

There is a saying that the devil is in the details. Some details, really let a person sigh.

At least 10.

Detail one, move by yourself.

According to the police report, the lorry driver took the order and asked the girl if she wanted to pay to carry it, but the girl refused. On 15 occasions, the girl “moved daily necessities such as clothes, bedding and pet dogs from the mezzanine of the first floor to the car”.

Back and forth 15 times, things should be a lot, but such a result, is not to let the driver earn this physical money.

Alas, the 23-year-old girl, 15 times of travel, we can see her hardship and frugality. This should be a girl who still loves life, alone, with a pet dog.

But now pet dogs have lost their owners forever.

Detail number two, urge.

The girl was busy carrying it, and the lorry driver was waiting anxiously. Quite simply, long wait means no money to be made.

According to the police report, he repeatedly urged the girl to move, informing her that drivers would be charged extra for waiting more than 40 minutes, according to the platform’s regulations.

In the end, the driver waited 36 minutes in total, just under 40 minutes.

But it was a depressing 36 minutes, and the driver bet that the girl would not be able to finish in 40 minutes. The girl was moving things in a hurry.

Both sides should hold their breath. Alas, bad fighting.

The freighter incident, hidden in the details

Detail number three: refuse.

It was 21:14 in the night. The truck driver was driving, and the girl was sitting in the passenger seat.

The driver inquired whether he needed unloading and handling service after arriving at the destination. “Che (the girl) was again rejected,” the police report said.

Because of the previous urging, the girl should be more or less angry, so refused.

The driver was angry, too, and this refusal, with a sense of frustration, intensified his anger.

Detail number four, yaw.

For the first two hours, the driver didn’t seem to make much money. Then he took a yaw. This should also be a continuation of the previous fight.

According to the notice, the driver may not have taken the detour for revenge either, as the original navigation route, with a total mileage of 11 kilometers and 15 traffic lights, took 21 minutes to drive. The total mileage of the yaw route is 11.5 kilometers, and there are 15 traffic lights, which can save about 4 minutes.

In other words, the yaw route is actually the faster route. That way he can scramble for the next order.

The girl with the car, should also be looking at their mobile phone navigation.

Yaw trips, especially on lonely roads, no doubt exacerbated her fear.

Detail number five, fear.

According to the bulletin, the girl made a total of four attempts to yaw.

The first two times, the driver did not respond at first, after the bad tone to show dissatisfaction; On the second two occasions, the girl asked directly to stop, but the driver ignored her.

Each time the refusal, aggravate the tension in the car.

After all, it was a stranger, a man and a woman. Moreover, there had been a quarrel, and they were on their way to a lonely road. The girl’s fear, also can be imagined.

Of course, the driver showed his displeasure, right? What kind of discontent is it?

Is there a physical threat or not? Because there is no audio or video, and the girl on the other side has passed away, everything is a mystery.


Detail six, not prevented.

In the most distressing moment, according to the investigation, the girl “got out of her seat and leaned out of the window” in a state of panic.

Regrettably, the driver did not take words and actions to stop, nor did he make an emergency stop.

Of course, some netizens said that at that time, the driver how to do, may be wrong.

Do not stop, certainly wrong; Stretch out a hand to stop, possibly more aggravate girl panic.

But parking, it can be done. Unfortunately, the most simple, but did not do.

Details seven, sensible.

It is really sad. After all, it is a young life that is only 23 years old and the journey of life has not fully begun.

She’s so sensible. According to the online statement, she earns 20,000 yuan a month and offers to pay her brother’s tuition and living expenses. She previously lived in a “mezzanine on the first floor”.

She doesn’t have a low income either, but in order not to pay for moving, she chose to go back and forth 15 times on her own.

She is sensible, but seems to be not too sensible, in a short time, in order to dozens of dollars of handling fees, and the driver at loggerheads, eventually led to a tragedy.

Detail eight, emotional intelligence.

In this world, some people have high EQ, no matter how difficult the problem is, they do it with ease. I’m not emotionally intelligent, but these two seem to be even less emotionally intelligent.

The driver’s attitude is really bad, but should also not be a big villain, more not what sex demon. But as a result, Leng is to let the girl suspect into his heart is wrong, and finally into extreme fear.

When he saw a friend, he sighed: “The tragedy of a merchant is that no one wins in the end of the battle of wits and courage. The girl saves a lot of charges with careful budgeting, but accidentally ends up with her own life. The driver thought he could get the next income in anger, but he did not expect that he could not escape the prison.”

Detail nine, unspoken rules.

The girl had to pay 39 yuan, plus a 12 yuan subsidy, for the order, which totaled 51 yuan.

Lara not only do not earn, but also upside down.

Behind this violation of market rules is a hidden rule: basic services do not make money, which forces customers to buy additional services.

It was originally a game between the platform and the driver, but finally it was transferred to the contradiction between the driver and the customer by the platform.

The girl abided by the platform rules, 40 minutes without overtime, but the result is that the driver does not make money, the driver is angry.

There is also the freight truck on the safety of the negligence, indulgence of the attitude of service, if every detail of the attention, it certainly does not have this tragedy.

Technology for good, not just thinking about making money, there is no basic morality.

Details ten, alas, movies and TV plays.

The girl jumped out of the window while driving. I don’t know how much fear drove her to such an extreme act.

But maybe it’s the result of watching too many movies and TV shows.

Anyway, in many movies and TV series, in a dangerous situation, the hero jumped decisively out of the window, at most a roll wipe the skin, basically is the whole body and back.

But this is film and television.

Not to mention, if the enemy was really evil and jumped out of a window on a remote road, would you ever escape the car without being hurt? If you get hurt, how do you escape?

The girl may not have had time to think. But in the end, it was the worst result, a young life.

Watching movies and TV plays is to enjoy pastime, but too much faith in movies and TV, how many innocent people hurt.


Alas, if the time can go back, I really hope that this is a warm story, the girl generously thanks the driver warm-hearted help, to give the driver 100 yuan; The driver also understand the girl’s sensible and too not easy, take the initiative to help not charge more handling fees……

But that, too, is not reality.

The reality is that two adults, in fact, accidentally met in the night, without too much calculation, just because of the lack of communication and trust, finally step by step, become the adults who collapsed that night.

Adult breakdown, sometimes in a flash.

Life is not easy, we all know that. But life is still long, always a blessing, think about it, there is a better tomorrow.

The only thing worthy of affirmation is the Changsha police report, which is very detailed, very solid, and the words are just right. This case, which was watched by the whole people, did not become another “Tacitus trap”, and it also showed the improvement of the government’s ability to deal with hot issues.