Young people should be honest and fair

Recently, Hainan province issued the Notice on Strengthening the Work of The 7th Provincial Party Congress for the Upright conduct and Discipline, setting specific requirements on strengthening the supervision of the ethos of the 7th Provincial Party Congress strictly and practically, so as to ensure the orderly conduct of the election of the 7th Provincial Party Congress and create an environment for the upright conduct of the election of the 7th Provincial Party Congress.

Officials should be honest and fair

The high pressure for serious change discipline must be maintained.At present, the provinces are about to enter the party congress, soon, the 19th Party Congress will also be convened.At this sensitive and important time node, it is especially necessary to seriously change the term of discipline, to create a clean and healthy political environment, for the smooth convening of the Party Congress as scheduled “escort”, and create an atmosphere.Since the 18th National Congress of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), the CPC Central Committee has been fighting corruption with the courage of “scraping the bones to heal the wounds” and “breaking the wrist of a strong man”. It has focused on “beating tigers and beating flies”, “uprooting trees”, “curing diseases” and “protecting trees”. It has continued to reduce corruption and the stock of “four winds”, and the political environment has been gradually restored.However, in recent years, some local cases of violation of the general election discipline are shocking and painful lessons that should be avoided completely.From hengyang in Hunan province to Nanchong in Sichuan province, to the case of illegal election of NPC deputies in Liaoning Province, why has the behavior of election sabotage not been banned?The profound lesson of reality requires that leading cadres of Party members at all levels must tighten their ideological stringency, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels must maintain the high pressure of supervision and discipline enforcement, consolidate the achievements of “dare not to corrupt”, “cannot corrupt” and “do not want to corrupt”, and ensure that the Party congress will be clean and refreshing, gather the party’s heart and win the hearts of the people.

To strengthen the supervision over the conduct of new terms, we must be strict and practical.The Party Congress is a very serious political event that concerns the interests of party members and cadres and the masses. Only by ensuring a clean and refreshing atmosphere can we ensure that the Congress produces results and the masses are satisfied.This requires party committees (party) with a high degree of political consciousness to promote comprehensive governing party the implementation of the responsibility, the integrated use of all the media platform to strengthen general discipline propaganda education, focusing on the key crowd and key links, warning education, focus on strengthening the work of leading cadres and the general related people tighten their thoughts of string, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, keep clear political mind, political discipline and organization discipline to remember by heart, externalized in line.

To ensure that the change of environmental wind and gas is required to monitor the sun.Corruption and unhealthy tendencies often breed in “dark corners” where the sun does not shine. As long as every corner where the sun shines is under the comprehensive, timely and three-dimensional supervision of the masses, the soil of power corruption can be completely eliminated.The key to serious discipline is to keep power under the sun of supervision.Those cases that undermine the discipline of general elections do not occur because of the recklessness, loss of power and evil intentions of individual officials, but also because of the absence or absence of oversight.Close change supervises a network, want to use each za channel to strengthen publicity on the one hand, arouse the consciousness that masses participates in oversight and enthusiasm, understand general knowledge of change election and inform against means;On the other hand, the channels of supervision measures should be unblocked, and comprehensive reporting platforms such as phone calls, text messages, the Internet and letters and visits should be unblocked 24 hours a day, so as to realize early detection and early treatment. With the high-pressure atmosphere of “zero tolerance” and “making a mountain out of a molehill”, this system can be used as a deterrent and create an atmosphere of “dare not”, “can’t” and “won’t”.

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  • Young people should work and live down to earth.

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