Musk has a new goal

Musk has a new goal
In a post on social media on Tuesday, Mr Musk said: “Create the home city of Texas. From there to Mars to the stars.”

Musk has a new goal

Mr Musk’s SpaceX company has made informal contacts with authorities in Cameron County, Texas, where the company has a private launch site and rocket production facility, according to local officials. Musk wants to build a new city here, and it’s called Starbase.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino confirmed that a SpaceX representative had informally consulted last week about Musk’s interest in incorporating Boca Chica Village, where his rockets are built.

But SpaceX has not made a formal request, he said, and company representatives have not mentioned any possible new names for the town, which is near the Mexican border.

Trevino said Cameron County is open to forming a corporation, but the process must comply with all state corporation bylaws, adding that the county will process any applications according to the law.

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