The voluntary resignation of civil servants should

On the one hand is the public heat is not reduced, on the other hand is the resignation of civil servants is not rare.Yan Yifeng, a 36-year-old civil servant in Shaoxing, resigned.If he does not hand in the resignation report, he is expected to be promoted from section chief to deputy director of the district bureau, which is not a prestigious position, but also a meaningful promotion in the political career.Yan yifeng chose to leave, and even said goodbye in a different way: being a civil servant is not free, and you can’t make money.

As is known to all, after the central paragraph “eight” and efforts to fight corruption has not had stopped footsteps, lead to civil servants gray have no income, invisible benefits have also been banned, indeed to a certain extent, affected the part of the unit the work enthusiasm of civil servants, even cause the negative go-slow mood, move up the resignation of the sea.Obviously, it is not unusual for civil servants to resign, so there is no need to read too much into it.

General Secretary Xi once pointed out that if you think it is not cost-effective to be a cadre, you can resign and go into business or industry, but you should never want to be both an official and make a fortune.Obviously, civil servants are also part of the working people and have the right to decide what profession they want to work in and how they want to contribute to society. Why do they have to look at their resignation with “colored glasses”?Civil servants are free to jump out of the system, whether because their benefits are getting worse or because their prospects are less promising. Why should the public be so demanding?

What kind of career is suitable for oneself

According to the survey, in recent years, less than 2% of the civil servants in public institutions have chosen to leave, that is to say, the vast majority of them have stayed. Although the craze for civil servant exams has cooled down somewhat, the current situation, compared with the past, is in a reasonable range.

On the other hand, the reason why the public pays so much attention to the wave of resignations of civil servants, or does not believe that civil servants will resign at all, is that the established understanding that civil servants are “iron rice bowls” still exists in the minds of most people. Why do they need to resign if it is “iron rice bowls”?In fact, in recent years, the public’s high attention to civil servants can be said to have been a bit “abnormal”, every move of civil servants will have countless versions of annotation, of course, this is not the result of excessive public doubt, but too many “special” civil servants cause the public to have to do so.

Therefore, for civil servants, they should not only pay for their own jobs, but also strive to win public praise.After all, civil servants, as managers of the society, bear the heavy responsibility of maintaining social order and safeguarding the rights and interests of the people.Civil servants who have been or are questioning their choices and are prone to thinking about quitting should remember that salaries and benefits should not be all they seek, and that the slogan “serve the people” should be more than just Shouting.

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  • It is not uncommon for civil servants to resign, but few successful entrepreneurs

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