Illegal trade in endangered kingfishers

Illegal trade in endangered kingfishers
Beijing police have cracked a case involving the illegal sale or purchase of rare and endangered wildlife products based on a tip from Internet users. Recently, Beijing police according to a netizen reflect clues, successfully cracked a case of illegal sale, acquisition of rare and endangered wild animal white breast jade products, arrested a suspect, the scene obtained national secondary key protection of wild animal white breast jade products point Cui handicrafts 107. Now the suspect Yan XX (female, 40 years old) was Chaoyang Branch to illegally sell, the acquisition of rare and endangered wildlife products criminal detention.

On February 7, 2021, a netizen reported on Weibo that an online shop in Beijing had illegally sold protected animal products. Beijing police paid high attention to this and formed a special team together with Forest Public Security Sub-bureau and Chaoyang Sub-bureau to promptly carry out an investigation.

On the afternoon of February 10, the working class will work with the Chaoyang Sub-Bureau South Mofang police station will suspect Yan so-so arrested, in his home seized 107 points Cui tiara, necklace, earrings and other wildlife products. After detection and identification, are the national secondary key protection animal white breast jade bird feather products.

White breast jade belongs to a kingfisher, since February 1, 2021, white breast jade into the national key protected wildlife catalog, belongs to the category of national second-class protected animals, illegal purchase, sale behavior constitutes a criminal offence.

Illegal trade in endangered kingfishers
February 14, Chaoyang branch of the criminal suspect Yan to take criminal detention measures. After examination, since the end of 2018, yan so-and-so in the suspect doesn’t wild animal domestication and breeding license and management using permission certificate, and knowing that may not be illegal buying and selling white chest jade bird products, through the network platform, the acquisition of products such as white chest jade crafts, again by a certain electric business platform in the self-management of antique jewelry shop, with the price of ten thousand yuan of foreign hundreds of first sale. At present, the case is under further work.

Netizen: The inheritance is to point green skills, but not to kill kingfisher

Illegal trade in endangered kingfishers

How to pass it on? To promote and introduce inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, we need to make up lessons

Dianchui craft is a traditional Chinese gold and silver jewelry making craft that originated in the Han Dynasty. It is an auxiliary work in jewelry making, and plays a role in embellishing and beautifying gold and silver jewelry. Dot Cui is the perfect combination of Chinese traditional metal craft and feather craft, first with gold or gold-plating metal make different patterns of the base, and then the bright blue feather of the kingfisher back carefully inlaid on the table, in order to make all kinds of jewelry. Jewelry produced by point cui craft has good luster and gorgeous color.

In recent years, the topic of “intangible cultural heritage” has become increasingly hot, and the consumption of related products has also increased year by year. Productive protection of intangible cultural heritage, refers to the practice with characteristics of the production process, to maintain the integrity of the intangible cultural heritage, integrity and continuity as the core, on the premise of effective inheritance non-material cultural heritage skills, with the help of production, circulation, sales methods, the intangible cultural heritage and its resources into the protection of the cultural products.

Weibo user @Chunmei Fox is a blogger who has long been interested in traditional clothing and has written several articles about the “Diancui Competition”. In her opinion, under the background of the rising consumption of intangible cultural heritage in the past two years, Diancui has been highly praised by some people. In the process of being pushed into the market, Diancui has been endowed with a luxury attribute, and it has also attracted criticism due to its special material. One of the dilemmas of intangible cultural heritage consumption is that what people buy are usually intangible cultural heritage terms such as “Diancui” and “Kesi silk”.

In her article, she pointed out that because of the existence of “productive protection”, the inheritors’ speeches are inevitably branded as “all about making money”. But making money is not shameful, and it is the only way for “intangible cultural heritage” to survive. Intangible cultural heritage is bound to be a hot topic in the media’s pursuit, but how to promote and introduce “intangible cultural heritage”, many inheritors are absent from class. For example, Diancui, blindly highlighting the rare kingfisher, played a more counterproductive role. The value of kingfisher feathers, of course, can raise the price of green arts and crafts, but it is not what public opinion advocates.

In the view of the aforementioned science blogger @Huamei Bird of Paradise, the essence of Dianchui lies in “dot” rather than “emerald green”. Dried goose feathers, cultured blue peacocks and ribbons can all be perfect substitutes for emerald green feathers. Of course, the traditional craft can not be lost, but it is the craft that needs to be inherited, not limited to the material.

A Dianchui practitioner said that, in fact, in a sense, practitioners themselves are more concerned about the sustainability and controversy of raw materials than the general public. “Whether a process can be long-term has a lot to do with the raw materials themselves, and practitioners hope to change the controversial issues of materials. But the transformation needs a process, the first is the public perception of the problem. Diancui craft from ancient till now more than two thousand years, ‘Cuiyu for the top’ concept is rooted in the public heart, change the consumer’s product demand will change their concept.

Point cui practitioners, said he and his team began in 2016 in changes to popular wisdom, every year to make some changes, the masses can gradually accept other feathers to jewelry, and in 2018 launched the first completely the emerald green feather feather inlaid jewelry series, using the bird feather are agricultural by-products such as poultry or pets off the feathers, without controversy in legal, moral, both inside and outside the industry also got everyone’s approval.