The teenager was spat at by an old man

The teenager was spat at by an old man
Huang’s 18 years old, is spent in anxiety, confusion. Until a few days ago, he retweeted a post from Guangzhou Central People’s Court’s WeChat official account, saying: “It’s finally light.”

The article, titled “A Spittle Fight: Justifiable Defense or Intentional Injury?” “Tweet, so that Huang’s case into the public eye: the old man in the street a random spit, impartial fell on the juvenile body, the dispute between the two sides by the noise escalated into a fight.

Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court WeChat official account related tweets (part of screenshot)
The old man began to hit the young, the young man also moved his hand. The result of the other side minor injury level, make small yellow became “criminal suspect”. Since then, he was interrogated by the police for the first time in his life, received a summons from the court for the first time, and stood on the defendant’s bench for the first time.

Huang was not cleared of criminal suspicion until January, when the Liwan District People’s Procuratorate in Guangzhou decided not to charge him. In view of the spat caused by the fight case, the court eventually determined that Huang is self-defense, not criminal responsibility according to law.

At the end of February 2021, Red Star News had an exclusive interview with Huang, the person involved in the case. He said he was “disgusted” by the old man’s spit on him, and that he had been right to fight back when he was the first to strike after his demand for an apology failed. The court ultimately ruled that he was acting in self-defense, and that it allowed him to “see the sunny side of the world and feel the care of the law.”

At the same time, Huang also has some reflection: after the crime in a year, he has been confused, worried about “leaving the record”, the impact of future prospects; If he were to do it over again, he would still demand an apology from the old man, but he would not do it again, and he would try to keep it in check.

The old man who spits and the young man who demands an apology

After school, Xiao Huang rides his bike to leave school. In the evening, he goes to Guangzhou to do a part-time job in a clothing shop.

A little over a year ago, on December 30, 2019, it was just over two months before Xiao Huang turned 18. At the time, he was a freshman at a vocational school in Guangzhou. Huang said that because of the family’s financial difficulties, he often work part-time after school to help the family.

That afternoon, when cycling to the part-time road, the right hand side of little yellow, is a bike to ride the bike, faster than their own half a car space, the bike is an old man of 60 years old.

A spit from the old man’s mouth flew out, just fall on the back of the right hand of little yellow.

The teenager was spat at by an old man
Huang (in white) turns his head to look back at the elderly man after being spattered with saliva by a fellow cyclist. According to the official account of Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court WeChat
Surveillance footage shows Huang stopping his car, stopping the man and starting a conversation straddling the bike. Huang told Red Star News that he stopped the man and wanted him to apologize, but the man refused.

In the surveillance video, the old man suddenly raises his left hand and slaps Huang in the face; Huang put out his hand to block, the two sides began to physical conflict.

The old man took the lead in beating Huang. According to the official account of Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court WeChat
The old man falls from his bicycle seat during the confrontation, and Huang is taken to the ground; After falling to the ground, Huang hit the old man with his hand four times.

According to the case documents, Huang demanded an apology from the old man before the physical confrontation, but the old man thought it was a small thing, “It doesn’t matter, you can vomit back to me.”

When Huang heard this, he thought he was being aggressive and “hot in the head,” which he did spit back at him.

After returning the spit, the old man immediately spit on the yellow body, and then a hand to slap over. Huang grabbed the old man’s hand to resist. “I wanted him to stop hitting me, so he came forward and bit my left hand.

The teenager was spat at by an old man

The two men pushed and pulled each other. According to the official account of Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court WeChat
Surveillance video shows the two falling to the ground during the tug, with the old man again biting Huang’s left tiger mouth. After falling to the ground, Huang punches the old man four times on the head with her fist. “He didn’t let go until I hit him; I stopped hitting him after that.”

The surrounding neighborhood also quickly surrounded to separate the two sides.