Chinese Minister to Australia

Chinese Minister to Australia
The website of the Chinese Embassy in Australia published an article titled “It’s Hard to Be a Friend of China in Australia Now — Speech by Minister Wang Xining at the Annual Dinner of the Capital Branch of the Australia-China Business Council”.

On February 25, 2021, Minister Wang Xining of our pavilion was invited to attend the New Year Dinner of the Australia-China Business Council Capital Branch in celebration of the Year of the Ox and delivered a speech. Our business official Huang Rengang, education official Zong Wa, legal counsellor Wu Demin attended. Capital Territory Commerce Minister Chinney, International Co-operation Commissioner Smith, Canberra Grammar School Principal Garrick, University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Pratchett, Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Capital Branch President Chen jie and more than 100 representatives of the chamber of commerce attended the dinner. Excerpts of Minister Wang’s remarks are as follows:

We couldn’t meet each other for a whole year last year because of the requirements of the epidemic prevention of the new crown. But that doesn’t stop our friendship from working. Especially when each of our lives and the operations of every business are affected by the epidemic, our friendship is all the more valuable and plays a more prominent role. In the face of the new epidemic, friends should support and help each other to tide over the difficulties and make their friendship stronger and stronger. I would like to thank all of you for your unremitting efforts in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between the Capital Territory and China in the fields of economy, trade, culture, education and so on.

Through painstaking efforts, China brought the epidemic under control in a relatively short period of time, resumed production and became the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth by 2020. We are also pleased to see good results in the prevention of the epidemic throughout Australia, especially in the Capital Territory. But unfortunately, after the past year, I find it increasingly difficult to be a friend of China in Australia.

I know at the beginning of the outbreak, a lot of ACBC friend help Chinese embassies and consulates to raise transportation, medical supplies, support of the Chinese people’s resistance to disease, my colleagues and I received a lot of friends in Australia, including we have never met or even unknown friends for Chinese people, information, support and encouragement, and we are very moved. We put these messages of support and encouragement on the embassy’s Facebook page, but none of the well-known Australian media, newspapers and television reported it. They have focused on and reported on the alleged hoarding of anti-epidemic supplies by companies with Chinese links, causing shortages in the Australian market. These claims were hotly contested for a while, but eventually proved to be complete nonsense, with some apparently deliberate misinformation leading to lawsuits. But unfortunately, the damage has been done and the image of Chinese friends has been badly tarnished.

After the end of March last year, when the outbreak in Australia became serious, many Australian companies, including ACBC members, began to purchase anti-epidemic materials from China. The Chinese diplomatic and consular missions as well as the Chinese governments and enterprises at all levels have given them strong support. I have heard many touching stories. Similarly, many Chinese people have sent messages of support and solidarity to the Australian people, which we have also posted on Facebook. Similarly, Australia’s major media turned a blind eye. What they are most interested in is that my colleague Mr. Long Zhou, Consul General in Melbourne, attended a press conference at invitation to express the support of the Chinese government and people to Australia’s fight against the epidemic. However, what the Australian media showed was not their admiration for Consul General Long, but their hostility and slander towards him and the conference organizers. Australian friends involved in the frontline fight against the epidemic all know how important the materials provided by China have been. But China has been hurt again, and the enthusiasm of its friends has been mercilessly dampened.

Through years of accumulation and development, a multi-tiered, multi-field and multi-form framework of exchanges and cooperation has been formed between China and Australia. Such rich and mutually beneficial cooperation has brought tangible benefits to both sides and potential for sustainable development. Facing the impact of the epidemic on the national economy and social life, strengthening cooperation is undoubtedly one of the best strategies to deal with the epidemic. However, Australia’s friends’ cooperation with China has been met with a series of baffling doubts on the grounds that China is a threat to Australia’s sovereignty and security, but no one has yet produced evidence to support these doubts. Shouting these fallacies obviously don’t want to do friends of China, and according to my observation, most of them are financial resources consumption Australia “him”, does not contribute to the Australian people livelihood, also does not consider the long-term development of Australia, but the abuse of power in his hands, to crack down on those for, improving people’s living standards, enhancing the Australian economy energy reserves for the future development of China’s friends. They did it happily, while their Chinese friends gritted their teeth.

Many of you have been to China more than once, and some of you have had exchanges with China for decades. You have witnessed China’s development and changes. You respect the cultural traditions and lifestyle of the Chinese people and understand China’s development path and governance model. You should be as confused as I am that there is a world of difference between the perceived China and the real China in the Australian public opinion environment. Recently, an Australian uncle Jerry Grey said on YouTube that he and his wife went cycling in Xinjiang not long ago, and then told the Australian people what they saw and heard on the road, but many people questioned. Dominic Dwyer, an Australian expert who recently came to Wuhan to help the World Health Organization (WHO) study the origin of novel coronavirus, published an article on the website “” on July 23, focusing on his experience in the study of the origin of novel coronavirus. But Murdoch News Corporation, last year in the Australian public opinion field to hype the Novel Coronavirus is created by the Wuhan virus or leaked rumors, this has fallen on deaf ears. Last year, a Colombo student told us that studying in Shanghai for a year was a life-changing experience. But there are still many Australians who have never been to China. They are surrounded by negative and distorted reports and brainwashed by the vulgar and simplistic political labels. Is it possible for them to share their Chinese friends’ views on China? It is often said that those who wronged others know better than the victims how wronged they are, so those who slander China know better than the Chinese why they slander China. Some old Chinese friends are often referred to by some as “panda huggers”, as if it were a sin to be friendly to China. The only way to win hearts and hearts of Australians is to stare at China. It’s so hard to be a friend of China in Australia today!

As the Chinese people say, “Mountains and seas do not distance those with common aspirations.” George Washington said, “True friendship is a plant of slow growth.” Distance and time can’t stop true friendship. Our Australian friends are having a tough time, but your Chinese friends are standing by you. History will prove that you were wise and far-sighted in choosing China as your friend. Your children and grandchildren will be proud and benefit from your choices, and your Chinese friends and their children will be inspired and proud to have friends like you. For a better tomorrow, most people choose to make more friends, but there are always a few people choose to make more enemies. But those who deliberately slander and slander China, undermine China-Australia friendship and harm the well-being of the two peoples out of their own selfish interests will be reviled by the world, and their future generations will be ashamed to mention their negative role in history.

Friends need persistence, need perseverance, need to support each other, need to work together. We are willing to work together with our Chinese friends in Australia to welcome the next spring of China-Australia friendship.

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