Workers were cremated in the trunk after they died of work-related injuries?

59-year-old Wang Zheng (pseudonym) is an ordinary worker of Xinjinfeng Cement Co., Ltd. in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. On the last day of 2020, he collapsed on his work station, his body being stranded by a mechanical rotating shaft. After the incident, his body was wrapped in tape and stuffed into the trunk of the car, ready to be sent to the funeral home.

ready to be sent to the funeral home.

On January 26, 2021, Wang Zheng’s eldest daughter, Wang Xue, posted on Weibo that the cement factory had concealed the true cause of his father’s death and prepared to dispose of the deceased’s body without the family’s knowledge. This practice made the families of the deceased extremely indignant. They were eager to know why Wang Zheng died? Why does the cement plant hide some information from the family?

The body of the deceased was stuffed into the trunk (provided by the interviewee)
Just as public opinion was raging, Wang Xue suddenly emptied Weibo, and did not accept any interviews or make any external comments. During this period, some people speculated that she had signed a letter of understanding and compensation agreement with the cement factory and no longer be held accountable, and some netizens pointed out , This accident at Jinfeng Cement Plant requires an exact investigation report.

One month later, the Emergency Management Bureau of Liyang City, Jiangsu Province issued an “Investigation Report on the ’12·31′ General Mechanical Injury Accident of Liyang Xinjinfeng Cement Co., Ltd.”. The investigation report pointed out that this accident was a production safety accident. The responsible persons of Jinfeng Company and Jinfeng Group Company were dealt with.

Investigation report
On March 1, Wang Xue said in an interview with a cover news reporter that he did not give up the process of holding accountability for his father’s death. “We have now received compensation, but some of the people responsible for my father’s death still have to be held accountable. .”

Ten hours after the “accidental death” of the cement plant worker, the body was stuffed into the trunk and the family members knelt and cried bitterly

Wang Zheng is working in a cement factory and is approaching his 14th year. In Wang Xue’s impression, her father’s work has always been “very mysterious”. She didn’t know exactly what to do, but she remembered that her father would go to get off work on time every day, usually after 16:00 in the afternoon, at around 16:20. At home, “If there is overtime, he will call us.”

On December 31, 2020, Wang Zheng’s day shift. After 4:30 in the afternoon, Wang Xue felt strange that he had not seen his father, but did not make a call. She couldn’t get through when she dialed Wang Zheng’s number until 5 in the afternoon. By about 21 o’clock that evening, Wang Zheng’s cell phone changed from being unconnected to being turned off. “I don’t feel right, maybe something went wrong.” Wang Xue said.

Later, Wang Xue called his father’s colleague and the person in charge of Jinfeng Cement Factory, Zhang Mouhua. After making several calls, Zhang said that his father was in Liyang City People’s Hospital. “Why is he in the hospital?” In the other side’s vague answer, Wang Xue realized that the tone was wrong, and she and her mother rushed to Liyang People’s Hospital, but the hospital told her that there was no record of her father’s medical treatment and admission.

About 50 minutes later, Zhang Mouhua also arrived. At this time, Wang Xue was very excited and kept asking them where his father was. The other party told her that she was in the trunk of the car.

“At that time, I saw my father’s body in a black car. He was no longer breathing. He died. We don’t know. But now the body is still stuffed into the trunk. It’s too much!” Wang Xue told reporters. A picture provided shows that in the trunk of a black car, the body of the deceased was bound together with colored strips of tape, with exposed toes and obvious bruises on the abdomen. Seeing this scene, Wang Xue wept bitterly, and her mother also knelt to the ground, rushing into the trunk and tightly hugging Wang Zheng’s body.

Why died? The family members received the explanation and did not approve the conclusion of “delivered to the doctor and died”

Wang Xue said that after the incident, she went to the cement plant to negotiate and communicate due to the cause of her father’s death, the treatment of the remains, and the compensation plan. However, the two sides did not reach a unified opinion. Wang Xue called the police and asked the police station to issue a death certificate.

On January 8, 2021, a “Statement” issued by the Liyang City Public Security Bureau showed that the Shezhu Police Station of the Liyang City Public Security Bureau received a 110 order stating that a man Wang from the Jinfeng Cement Plant in Zhoucheng had a work-related accident and was sent to the hospital. After the rescue, he died. After investigation, on the afternoon of December 31, 2020, while working in the vertical mill workshop of Jinfeng Cement Group’s new Jinfeng Cement Plant, Wang was injured by a stacker and died after being sent to a doctor.

A statement issued by the Shezhu Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Liyang City
Subsequently, on January 9, the Liyang City Public Security Bureau also issued an “Identification Opinion Notice” stating that Wang met blunt external force to squeeze his chest and abdomen and some of his limbs to death from traumatic and hemorrhagic shock.

Wang Xue and her family did not approve of the two investigation results. She told the cover news reporter, “The statement of the situation said that my father died after being rescued, but my father has been dead for 10 hours. Why doesn’t Jinfeng Cement Factory Notify us in time? Ask them for someone, but don’t tell the truth?” Wang Xue believes that his father has not been treated at all, and if he is treated, he will not be placed directly in the trunk.

Death medical certificate
Since then, the family members filed a complaint with the local Public Security Bureau, the People’s Government and other relevant departments, hoping to apply for an investigation of the cause of Wang Zheng’s death. At the same time, Wang Xue also kept publishing his own statement on the matter on the Internet, which aroused the official attention of netizens. .

The death investigation report is released, it is a production safety responsibility accident

When Wang Xue complained, her life and work were affected. She said that during this period, she chose to resign, “It is not to resign actively, but to be passive. I don’t want to put pressure on my company and leadership, for the sake of my father. , I will continue to hold the blame.”

On February 26, 2021, on the official website of the Liyang Municipal People’s Government, a report issued by the local emergency management bureau of the “Liyang Xinjinfeng Cement Co., Ltd. ’12·31′ General Mechanical Injury Accident Investigation Report” showed that the accident investigation The group determined that this accident was a production safety liability accident.

The “Investigation Report” mentioned that Wang Zheng joined Xinjinfeng Company in 2007. Before the incident, he worked as a stacker and reclaimer for the homogenization warehouse of Xinjinfeng Company’s raw material branch. When the factory staff searched the stacker part of the A-line stacker and reclaimer, they found Wang Zheng at the stacker electromagnetic clutch transmission shaft, with his head facing west, his feet facing east, facing upwards, and his right arm embraced. The drive shaft, lying on the side next to the drive shaft, the drive shaft is running.

The investigation team determined that the direct cause of Wang Zheng’s death was that the transmission part of the electromagnetic clutch of the reducer platform of the A-line homogenization warehouse stacker and reclaimer did not comply with the provisions of Article 6.1.6 of the “General Principles for Safety and Health Design of Production Equipment” (GB5083-1999) With safety protection devices, when Wang Zheng entered the area, his clothes were drawn into the transmission part of the electromagnetic clutch, and then his body was pulled into the narrow space between the electromagnetic clutch and the transmission belt, unable to break free. After forensic identification, Wang Zheng died of traumatic and hemorrhagic shock due to mechanical injury.

The main persons responsible for the accident, including the legal person and general manager of New Jinfeng Company, and relevant persons in charge of Jinfeng Group, were all punished. After five rounds of negotiations, the family of the deceased and Jinfeng Company agreed on January 27, 2021. A compensation agreement has been signed, and the compensation has been paid in place.

Compensation agreement signed by both parties
If the family members of the deceased speak again, they will continue to apply for accountability

When netizens thought the matter was about to “dust settled”, Wang Xue published a “family statement” on the accident on his personal Weibo. On March 1, 2021, in an interview with the cover news reporter, she said that as family members, they had indeed received the corresponding compensation, “but that is not the compensation, but my father’s commercial insurance, work accident insurance, and safety liability insurance. Part of it deserves it.”

Wang Xue said that since January, she has indeed had a period of “silence”. During this process, she emptied the content of her Weibo, but never gave up her application for investigation of the cause of her father’s death.

The reporter noticed that the compensation agreement signed by Wang Xue and his mother and the cement factory on January 27 this year showed that the cement factory paid for Wang Zheng’s social security work-related injury insurance. After the agreement was signed, the cement factory declared work-related injuries for Wang Zheng. The corresponding work-related injury insurance benefits will be paid by the human resources and social departments in accordance with regulations, and the death allowance and funeral expenses paid by the human resources and social departments are estimated to be 892,792 yuan, which will be advanced to the families of the deceased by the cement plant.

Wang Xue told reporters that some netizens thought that she would no longer be held accountable after receiving the compensation. She did not agree with this. “The compensation has nothing to do with whether I will be held accountable or not. My father has passed away. The insurance part should be clear. As for the issue of accountability, I will still pursue the issue.”