A hot-blooded girl growing up epic

Kaisu’s mulan didn’t give up the pursuit of the image, but turned to the team for the original painting.

Let these historical figures have a recognizable and sensible image, to help children imagine.

Hua mu LAN

As an audio story, The best thing about Kaisu’s Mulan is the sound.

The story USES elements of ethnic Musical Instruments, such as mahuqin and Mongolian bands, to show the characteristics of grassland and Xianbei ethnic groups.The geographical environment and atmosphere in the story will be created to a wonderful feeling.

In addition to mulan’s talking story, Keshi also gave a recited version of mulan’s Poem.

Rather than simply reciting the poem, sound elements with a sense of atmosphere were added, such as weaving, sighing and pipa.

The poems are interspersed with stories and dialogues between characters, so that the children can get familiar with the poems in listening to the songs, giving the children a complete and beautiful auditory experience.

Haw haw, mulan when the household weave

Do not hear the loom, but hear the woman sigh

Ask a woman what she thinks, ask a woman what she remembers

Female also have no thought, female also have no memory

Last night I saw the army post, Khan big point

Jun shu 12 volumes, volume volume have ye name

Ye has no elder brother, and wooden fence has no elder brother

Willing to for the city pommel horse, from now on for ye Zheng

“– Mulan Ci


Uncle Keshi’s Mulan,

What else can a child get?

Mulan’s courage and boldness are depicted in the Poem.But the truth is, it takes more than courage and conviction to become the person you want to be.

1. Teach your children to play to their strengths and eliminate prejudice

Uncle Kaisu’s version of Mulan, she is not careless, foolhardy, hot-blooded youth.

On the contrary, she is intelligent and knows how to make the most of her strengths while avoiding her weaknesses.

For example, she went to a tournament and found that her opponent was strong and strong, and in the face of body and strength, Mulan did not have an advantage.

But Mulan did not look down upon herself, she knew that her brute strength is not enough, more than clever, so to defend for the attack, by force to play, let the opponent himself to defeat their own.

He beat his opponent and won the match with four or two jabs.

Throughout the story, Mulan also grows up, from the beginning of the daughter identity is a burden, to the end of his own identity, to eliminate the biggest prejudice against her heart.The children will grow up with Mulan, understand: the biggest enemy is the heart of the devil.

The first step to victory is to face up to your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Let the children know how to be affectionate and responsible

Keshi’s Mulan also reinforces a very meaningful topic — family relationships.

Hua Mulan’s father, old and disabled, but the strong enemy is coming, every family must send out.

Although Mulan is a girl, but she did not shrink back and escape, but choose to play their own light and heat, take the initiative to do something for everyone, for the family.

We do not live in a peaceful time, but in a peaceful country.

Children learn not only to study hard, but also to be a responsible person.

3. Uncle Kaisu’s Mulan is a more anti-business education

No one is born a general.

Uncle Kaisu’s Mulan is about a girl, how to go from an ordinary gang leader, to the emperor personally awarded the scouts…

The child will understand that the way is always more difficult than, as long as you work hard, you will be able to become a better yourself.

Mulan is not only a classic literary work, but also a very meaningful education for children.

Even after so many years, when they have grown up,

When they hear the voice of disapproval;

When their grades are not good;

When their loved ones need help;

When they encounter problems, they need to solve them intelligently.

They can still remember a story they heard when they were children, called Mulan.

This is also the reason for the longevity of mulan.

It tells every child:

You can be a beauty and a warrior.

You can be anything you want to be, if you want to be.

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  • Mulan is a magical woman in ancient China

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