The world’s first C919 airliner officially landed!

On March 1, 2021, China Eastern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China formally signed the C919 large passenger aircraft purchase contract in Shanghai. This is also the world’s first official purchase contract for the domestically produced large aircraft C919. China Eastern Airlines will Become the world’s first airline to operate the C919 large passenger plane.

The world's first C919 airliner officially landed!

According to the C919 large passenger aircraft purchase contract signed by the two parties, China Eastern Airlines will introduce 5 C919 large passenger aircraft in the first batch, and strive to deliver the first one within this year. It will use Shanghai as its main base and will be deployed from Shanghai to Beijing Daxing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, Air routes such as Qingdao will bring the “new experience” of domestically-made large aircraft, and passengers will fully experience the safe operation quality and advanced design of domestically-made civil aircraft.

The signing of the C919 large passenger aircraft purchase contract between the two parties is that after the successful formation of China Eastern Airlines 123 Airlines to operate the domestically-made ARJ21 aircraft, in the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, as a “first mover” in the world’s first user of the C919 large passenger aircraft An “important step” in the introduction of domestically-made civil aircraft and commercial operations.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is a large jet civil aircraft with independent intellectual property rights developed by my country in accordance with international civil aviation regulations. It has 158-168 seats and a range of 4075-5555 kilometers. The final assembly was completed on November 2, 2015. The first flight took place successfully on May 5, 2017.

In the process of the development of domestically-made large aircraft, China Eastern Airlines was deeply involved. The first crew of C919 was provided by China Eastern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines was responsible for the first flight of C919. China Eastern Airlines provided opinions and suggestions from the perspective of user use and maintenance. Relying on the industrial chain partnership and the geographical advantage of the same location in Shanghai, the two parties continue to promote cooperation and innovation in the industrial chain, work together to provide successful practical samples for the commercial operation of domestic large aircraft, and accelerate the construction of an independent large aircraft industry system and technological innovation system .

After the signing of the purchase contract, China Eastern Airlines and COMAC will carry out various preparations for the aircraft to be put into operation, including the negotiation and signing of new aircraft supplementary operation certification, professional training and customer support guarantee agreements. The two parties will increase cooperation and research in the fields of aircraft import and export, aviation materials maintenance, logistics and warehousing, new technology applications, aviation materials support, maintenance support, and optimization of flying mechanisms to ensure high-quality operation of the first batch of aircraft and strive to build domestic products. The good market image and brand influence of large aircraft.