He did not dare to use it for fear of being fined

According to Wang’s post on Weibo, there were three tricks for the device. One was that it passed the formal-review and was approved for sale, but it claimed to be certified by the US FDA. Although the brand has changed its “FDA Cleared” to “FDA Cleared”, the trade snapshot still shows its previous records.Second, the parent company of Mujin, Cyden, was founded in 2002, and the depilator it sells is essentially the same technology as the depilator sold before 1976, but it falsely claims to be the fruit of 41 years of scientific research.Third, Mujin is suspected of exaggerating the publicity notary office notarization, the 2020 Double 11 hair depilation instrument category commodity trading index pointing to the first “sales first”, is also a false propaganda.

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That evening, Mujin responded that her “FDA Cleared” was “a device that does not require PMA process according to relevant regulations”, and her product was indeed Approved by the FDA. Almost all domestic medical device consulting companies translated FDA Cleared or FDA Approved as “FDA Certification”.In addition, 41 years refers to the time since Cyden founder Marc started developing the laser hair removal device in 1979.The company does have its sales position on the list.

In short, the biggest point of contention between the two sides is the use of the slogan of “FDA certification”, and in Wang Hai’s opinion, Mujin’s modification of the propaganda interface has been a “self-imposed action”.

“According to the e-commerce law, the promotional information and transaction records of these goods are required to be kept for three years. Although they have changed this now, the previous violations are fixed.”Wang Hai said to radar finance, “constitute the material equivalent means that Mujin depilation device and previous market has had other devices substantially equivalent, this device is not necessarily a depilation device, our core view is that Mujin he is not FDA certification.”

To this end, Wang Hai also cited the example of Nomi Nursing claiming that its mask products had been “FDA/CE double certification” and was fined 260,000 yuan. “In terms of legal judgment, they are similar, neither of them has FDA certification, and they knowfully do not have it.”

“The information Mu Jin posted in the article on Baidu Encyclopedia can be compiled by himself and is not an official statement,” Wang said.If it was not controversial, he would not change it. If he changed it, he did not dare to use it for fear of being fined.”