Its efficacy should not violate the laws of science

Radar Finance noted that the Tripollar and Mujin depilators also received favorable reviews from users in the Tmall flagship store.A large number of reviews show that the device is effective after use, the appearance level is on line, easy to use, no pain, etc.

However, there are media from electric business platform with consumer identity flagship store to choose 9 cosmetic instrument product sell like hot cakes after testing found that although the leakage current and electrical strength conforms to the standard, but the TriPollar and Me – Smooth two beauty instrument products, working surface temperature rise (= temperature component temperature and environment temperature, the unit is kelvin) exceeds the limit, the consumer to use for a long time easy to cause skin burns at low temperature.

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The testing institution of this experiment was Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., one of the earliest CB laboratories approved by IECEE in China, mainly according to the requirements of Appendix A.4 of GB/T36419-2018 “Skin Container for Household and Similar Use” standard.According to the requirements, the temperature rise limit for the working surface of the appliance in contact with the skin varies according to the material of the appliance. The lowest temperature requirement is for metals and liquids, which can be raised by 26K, while the highest is for molded materials, plastics, rubber and wood, which can be raised by 35K.

The highest temperature rise of metal parts in contact with the skin can reach 39.8K, and the heat of the continuous working handle is obvious.The Tripollar Stop Eye, which has a temperature rise of up to 49.1K on its metal parts, doesn’t shut down automatically and works all the time.

Me-smooth Smooth machine was once a hot seller in Li Jiaqi’s TV studio. Until last Friday, its sales page on netease Kaala Overseas Shopping also advertised “6 minutes to create Smooth skin”, which is also suspected of false propaganda.The slogan has since been removed.

It is reported that “6 minutes to build water and light muscle” is actually in his experiment, 14 days every day need to use the product for 6 minutes, to have a significant effect.

According to Wang Weiwei, the publicity of medical devices, not only to strictly abide by the Advertising Law and other relevant laws, but also comply with the “drugs, medical devices, health food, formula food for special medical use advertising examination and management of the Interim Measures” and other departmental regulations.The advertisement of medical devices shall be subject to the registration certificate or filing certificate approved by the drug supervisory and administrative department, and the contents of the product manual of registration or filing.Its efficacy should not violate the laws of science, and should not be expressed or implied to cure all diseases, adapt to all symptoms, adapt to all people, or be necessary for normal life and treatment of diseases.