Investors’ confidence in Boeing shares took a hit

Pratt & Whitney responds to engine failure on Boeing 777

Pratt & Whitney is a technology company based in the United States and one of the world’s leading suppliers of aero-engines.

‘Pratt & Whitney is actively coordinating with operators and regulators to support revised inspection intervals for the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines that power the Boeing 777,’ the company said in a statement regarding the Feb. 20 incident on United Airlines Flight UA328.

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Any further investigation updates regarding this incident will be determined by the National Transportation Safety Board.Pratt & Whitney will continue to work hard to ensure the safe operation of its fleet.

Separately, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said a fan blade in a Pratt & Whitney engine that broke during flight on the Boeing plane showed signs of metal fatigue, Dow Jones reported.

This is not the first time an engine has failed on a Boeing 777-200.Last December, a Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200 suffered “engine damage” in mid-air.

Footage taken by passengers released by Japanese media at the time showed a large part of the plane’s left engine cover had fallen off, revealing a gaping hole in which the pipeline was clearly visible.The plane was carrying 178 passengers and 11 crew members.During the climb, the pilot reported trouble.About 30 minutes later, the plane turned back and made an emergency landing, but there were no casualties.

The accident pattern was similar for both aircraft of the same type

For more than two months, two Boeing 777-200s of the same model have suffered engine failures. Are there any similarities between the two accidents?Wang Yanan, chief editor of the journal Aviation Knowledge of the Chinese Society of Aeronautics, said the pattern of the two incidents was very similar.

Investors’ confidence in Boeing shares took a hit

Boeing stock investors’ confidence has taken a beating.Boeing shares closed down -2.11% on Tuesday.

Regulators in Japan and the U.S., as well as the major airlines, are taking a big hit to investors’ confidence in Boeing’s stock.

With Boeing’s stock trading at about half its 2019 high, a new accident and possible ripple effects could prolong the stock’s slump.

The probability of aircraft engine failure is very low