accompany the children to be themselves bravely

Have you ever heard the phrase:

“Girls should study literature and boys should study science.”

“Short don’t learn PE, small voice is not suitable for singing.”

The speaker has no intention, the listener has intention.

These “you should be XXX” seem to give the child a way, but also cut off the other 99.

Such remarks can be called spiritual binding.

Unknowingly, parents are limiting their children’s limitless potential.

We can help our children for a while, but not for a lifetime.Right and wrong, good and bad, likes and dislikes, good and evil, in the end, should be left to the child’s own judgment.

Hua mu LAN

Just like the great Chinese girl “Hua Mulan”, who has been around for thousands of years and has been imprinted on the childhood memories of almost every child.

Although Mulan was a girl, she could weave cloth and loved beauty, but this did not affect her love of horse riding, archery and a dream of being a general.

teenage youth, other girls are still weaving raccoon, Mulan in the face of the invasion of the archenemy, but disguised as a man, for his father to join the army, battle battlefield, from an ordinary gang soldiers, to the emperor personally awarded the scouts…

Mulan is a good antidote.

While everyone is telling their children “how should you be”, Mulan is telling them “how can you be”.

You can be a weaver or a general.

Can be on the mirror decal yellow, can also be for the father.


Uncle Kaisu’s Mulan makes it easier for children to accept

But many parents fret that the original “Mulan” is difficult to understand, and Disney’s “Mulan” is not acclimatised.Why is it so hard to find a simple, Chinese-style mulan?

This year, Keshi produced a top-quality original radio drama, mulan, which dug out the plot and set up a framework from the book.

On the premise of respecting the historical background, geographical location and character setting of the original work, the novel has been enriched and innovated.

Richness of detail

Mention Sun Wukong, we will think of the golden Hoop, mention Mulan joined the army, children will also wonder, mulan used what weapon?

Kaisu’s version of Mulan combines the historical background and culture of mulan Ci, adding weapons such as red guns and horned bows to mulan’s work.

The addition of these details makes the whole story knowable, accessible, and easier for children to understand.

Increase of characters

There aren’t many characters in the original Mulan Ci.

Keshi’s Mulan adds a lot of flesh-and-blood characters:

Take Mulan’s mentor, Yuwenlie.On the surface, he looks strict. In fact, he has been helping Mulan to grow quickly.

In addition to her mentor, Mulan has a friend, Wu Ti, who wears a cap and is also a tiger, enemy and friend

The contrast between these friends accentuates Mulan’s character.The abundance of characters has increased, making Mulan no longer a shadowy figure in a history book, but more like every child listening to a story.

Mulan also has a teacher, a friend, a rival, more can help children understand mulan’s state of life and psychological state.

Beautiful original drawings

Kaisu’s mulan didn’t give up the pursuit of the image, but turned to the team for the original painting.

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  • Don’t give children too right obstacles, let them develop freely according to their own interests.

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