The idea came from an architecture book he saw

“The child is very sensitive, and I’m worried about how to find the space he needs.”

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After a lot of research and tests, they realized that their son, Joe Tanner, needed an environment where he could relax.

Many children with autism are extremely sensitive to the outside world.

When facing the world, it is like a blind man walking out of his home and facing the traffic, surrounded by fear and bewildered.

It’s not just a cabin anymore.

Anders wanted to build a different kind of home for the children — a glass house

An architect once built a greenhouse outside an ordinary house.

As a result, the house had a very mild climate.

Even Sweden, which has a wide range of temperatures, enjoys spring weather all year round.

There is no doubt that a glass house has a very good therapeutic effect on autistic children.

This can give a child with autism a good inner buffer when they can also see from the outside of the house.

“You build the house, and I’ll take care of Joe Tanner.”

Building a house soon became a family business.

Everyone in the family had a hand in designing the house.

There is a small flower on the door of Jonatan’s room, a symbol of the power of the whole family.

The little flower was carved by the child’s grandfather, bit by bit, according to the drawing.

The door is very thick, is made of solid wood, sound insulation effect is very good.

Although he needed absolute silence, he also hated being shut up in a small space.

So, the family left a big TV room for him.

Jonatan closes the door when he needs to and is alone in his own space.

Walking from the path to the lake is good for the health of autistic children.

Anders, his father, took Jonatan to the lake every day.

The child was very sensitive and the nature house sheltered him.

The child is lonely, and the window opens the world to him.