Building houses is again on the agenda

There was a father who was determined to build a special home for his family.

So he spent seven years saving money and three studying architecture.

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At last he built a huge glass greenhouse in the forest, and inside he put up a wooden house.

This “house within a house” allows his family to feel the “Mediterranean climate” even if they are in northern Europe.

Even in late autumn, you can eat a bunch of fresh grapes.

No matter how the seasons change, there are green plants growing in the house.

In the early morning sunlight, the children can exercise under the transparent glass room.

The hostess, with a squirt gun, was merrily watering the plants throughout the house.

While everyone marveled at this immortal mansion, Anders, the male owner, said another truth:

“Because of this nature house, it saved the life of my family.”

Beneath the pageantry, elegance and comfort lies a story that every parent would love to hear.

A glass house saved an autistic son?

The story of Anders and his wife meeting, like most romantic love.

They fell in love at first sight, complementary and sweet.

Like many newlyweds, the couple wanted to build their own nest.

But how easy is it?

For seven years, they had been saving money.

It wasn’t until 1996 that they had the money to buy the land.

But this man didn’t know anything about architecture. He didn’t know anything about architecture.

But they had an incredibly strong faith:

“As long as we have the same goal, we are stronger than ever.”

Working during the day and building a house at night, I was busy for more than a year.

Soon after, his wife, Rosemary, became pregnant.

This is a pair of twins.

Husband and wife were too busy with their children to build a cabin.

The house was just delayed.

Until Jonatan, his son, diagnosed autism.

Building houses is again on the agenda.

Both husband and wife were very upset.