Circle of friends, give me back my true self

Circle of friends (live in WeChat), hear these three words, feel good terror!It can be said that 24 hours a day in addition to sleep, friends circle news rolling like water, never dry never stop.WeChat era, improve the way of communication and efficiency, but also let us lose the real life.

We are people not machines, we need to live, not dead data, we can speak with data, but can not use data to live.At work, many WeChat groups report fake data at a fixed time every day. The most annoying thing is that most of the WeChat accounts are personal accounts.From now on, your personal space and work are full, two WeChat IDs are more annoying, you should not use apple if it is convenient, everyone knows ~~

Once I liked a circle of friends because I found beauty. Your circle only has friends, not many but very simple.Their dynamics are unreserved, as real and happy as thumb up comments.However, now the circle of friends has gone bad, even if you have not seen each other can enter your circle of friends, you have to admit that a good label really cost time and energy, send a dynamic to be careful to remove colleagues wechat business intermediary and so on, for a long time you lost the fun of sending circle of friends!However, when you are trapped in this virtual world, you can’t get out of it. You travel, feed and spend time and energy in other people’s circle of friends. Although those beautiful people are beautiful, they just like to watch and enjoy this passive absorption way.

So the real you, what are you doing, whether your world is still surrounded by relatives, lovers, friends.The emotions between people can not be maintained by words or pictures, this is not real communication, because there is no temperature, can not feel the sublimation of emotion.Can WeChat make you hug your partner, listen to the heartbeat of your new baby, make your life warmer or more developed?Everyone’s time and energy is limited, please share them with yourself and the people important to you, and also a true self, enjoy my life, to create true friends, tea, chat, play chess, outing ~ ~ your dynamic moment do not need to be concerned, do you want your life to be evaluation, the evaluation is that true?Where I am, beautiful and ugly, what my job is, what my family is, it’s not pictures, it’s not judgments.These perceptions of life, I have the right to protect, belong to my true self.

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  • The circle of friends has gradually become a place to pretend to live

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