Huawei will apply to the British court

[Global Network Report] Based on the news from the BBC and the Guardian, on the 12th local time, the lawyer of Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of China Huawei, will apply to the High Court of London to obtain key accounts such as HSBC bank accounts. file. Huawei’s move is intended to prove that the US accusation that Meng Wanzhou “concealed” Huawei’s association with Hong Kong Starcom Technology Co., Ltd. and misled HSBC to continue to provide services to Huawei. The BBC stated that this was part of Huawei’s efforts to prevent Meng Wanzhou’s extradition from Canada to the United States.

“The Guardian” stated that on the 12th local time, Huawei will apply to the London High Court to obtain key documents such as HSBC account books in accordance with the “Bank Bookkeeping Evidence Act.” According to the bill, parties can seek court orders to obtain, inspect and copy documents such as ledgers, cash books, and accounting books.

The Guardian quoted Huawei as saying that the request for the court to issue an order was to find out who among HSBC Bank knew about the meeting held in Hong Kong, what was discussed during the meeting, and how widely the results of the meeting circulated within the bank.

According to a report from the People’s Daily client in July last year, the United States previously submitted the “Case Prosecution Record” to the Canadian court that Meng Wanzhou had “concealed” the relationship between Huawei and Hong Kong Xingtong Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Xingtong) , “Misleading” HSBC to continue to provide banking services to Huawei, HSBC violated the US sanctions against Iran, facing the “risk” of civil and criminal fines, Meng Wanzhou constituted a “fraud” against HSBC.

The “only key evidence” in this case is a PPT file that Meng Wanzhou gave to HSBC. The public materials include the full text of the PPT, as well as the business email records of HSBC and Huawei. The United States deliberately concealed and misinterpreted the core information, and the accusations were completely untrue spark global limited.