After 00 circle, old BBB 0 run not to move

After 00 circle, old BBB 0 run not to move
In the eighth year of web celebrity, Wang Bowen uninstalled video apps on his mobile phone and even blocked many of his peers’ friends. No, he’s too anxious.

The most breakdown of the moment, he sat blankly on the balcony at home, a sitting is a day, the brain is empty, “go down again may commit suicide”. Once he went out, he was walking on the road with two eyes straight, and was almost knocked down by a car in front of his house.

He came from an ordinary background and did poorly in school as a child, but his ability to imitate sketches from the Spring Festival Gala was praised by relatives. This kind of skill is not that scarce, and if it hadn’t been for that unexpected hit, maybe he would have been an interesting art teacher in a school, loved by his students. The Internet magnified the charm of his imitation, but also made his self-awareness leap.

But he hasn’t had that kind of success with a video since North China New Year. The excessive consumption of the output made the job a burden to him. Fans feel that he has become negative energy, away from the essence of entertainment, he likes to talk big, monotonous repetition, it is difficult to make people happy, people think that he will soon cool down.

His moods fluctuated with external influences, and conceit and diffidence mingled in him simultaneously. At just 28, he feels behind The Times. In his opinion, the average life expectancy of a short vlogger is three years, and it is an ironclad rule to retire before the age of 30.

He raced against the clock, and his opponent was “out of fashion”.

Wang Bowen posted a joke video on Jan 26. The image is from interviewees’ micro-blogs
Anxious people act anxious

Bright red Fu characters, round characters, pink and purple peony blooming, such a cross – stitch stands on the old brown wooden cabinet. Wang Bowen without makeup sits in front of the camera, the home in the background is a conservative decoration, a kind of veteran cadre style.

With tousled hair and a baggy brown and white sweater, he hunched slightly and spoke to the camera in Dalian about seven tips to ease anxiety. In a format closer to a talk show, Mr. Wang appears to be hoarse, gesturing countless times and waving his hands quickly in front of his chest, even for a minute. When he shouts loudly, he produces a lot of oxygen, the blue veins in his neck bulge, the eye muscles twist, his mouth turns up, his nostrils flare, his face gets red, and his cheeks and bangs shake.

The video is close to 13 minutes long and the script is 4,658 words long, speaking at a rate of nearly 360 words per minute, faster than a news anchor. In the past six months, 70% of his videos are longer than 12 minutes, with the longest exceeding 23 minutes.

Similar speed, similar short video in 5 minutes, some only dozens of seconds. At the beginning of the broadcast, Wang Bowen specially reminded, “afraid of a long video time, but twice the speed to watch.” That means you can speak faster. Li Feixiao, a fan, hasn’t watched his videos for half a year. She has been following Wang Bowen for three years. She has seen him acting like an old woman from Northeast China, shaking his stiff, instant noodle style short hair, and sometimes putting on a pony tail to pretend to be a shy girl.

Li Fei, a 30-year-old Internet worker, has only one or two hours to herself every evening. She now pays more attention to the new up-and-comers, either for entertainment or for study. For a while, Wang Bowen gradually faded out of her sight, and she read more articles on daily anxiety topics. She no longer wanted to see a person sitting on the screen talking about anxiety.

Turning off the camera, Wang Bowen looked tired. He was fatter than he had been a few years ago, flabby on both sides of his cheeks, and round in his chin. At one point, he had put on 40 or 50 pounds in less than two years. His hair had thinned a bit, too, and his bangs had grown longer and longer over his eyebrows.

Last month, Wang posted four videos, one of which is a short drama, and the other three are talk shows, with topics such as “relieving anxiety”, “whether young people should stay in first-tier cities” and “10 deadly bad habits”. Instead of role-playing, write a book in a day and write half as many words as a drama. The script was set aside while he recorded himself into the camera, occasionally glancing at the words. Simple, easy, he describes himself as “lazy”.

Starting in April 2020, Wang’s videos have been labeled “negative energy” on website B. After watching a video of a relative urging her to give birth, Li Fei “felt bored” and turned it off halfway through.

Wang Bowen sighed. As he grew older, topics such as marriage and childbearing anxiety and family relations came into his life. He used to be praised as funny by netizens, but now “not funny” has become the point of his criticism. “There are not so many happy things. If you are unhappy every day, let me be happy. Where can I be happy?” In eight years, he has worked with people born in the 1970s and 1980s to those born in the 1990s and 2000s, and he finds it hard to find a connection.

Near the Spring Festival, Wang Bowen is very busy. He received an advertisement, just finished writing the script to give the client, and catch another about the Chinese New Year. Most of the videos are updated once a week, and it takes two days to write the script. If one person acts as a multi-angle short play, the script needs to be written about 10,000 words and the shooting takes two days. Staying active is the safety line that keeps web celebrity hot. Apart from videos, he posts words and pictures on Weibo almost every day to share his life.

After 00 circle, old BBB 0 run not to move
On February 5, Wang Bowen finished shooting the video and posted a message on his WeChat Moments. Photo provided by interviewees
Video after video, kidnapped by the traffic, he didn’t dare stop. When he became web celebrity full-time, even when he was sick, traveling or on New Year’s Day, he thought about what to write next. When he went to the market to buy food, he would observe at any time and write it down immediately when he had inspiration.

Now, creation is more of a task for him. After writing the book for a whole day, his head felt swollen, and the thought of having to make up and shoot the next day made him feel conflicted, so he couldn’t sleep. As soon as he finished, he and his colleagues felt glad. “I can count that I have handed out four this month.” As for what to shoot next, I’ll wait a couple of days.

A week after the release of that anxiety reliever, many of the data reports are the lowest in a month.

Head web celebrity of the year

One morning three years ago, Wang Bowen stepped out of a taxi and heard his voice on the radio. He pinched his voice and disguised himself as two old ladies. He strung together the necessary processes of the Northeast Chinese New Year, such as perming, taking a bath and buying New Year goods, presenting the family matters in a humorous and real way.

Wang Bowen’s female character. Photo provided by interviewees
“Dude, you have not seen this video, blood tease!” The driver was a little excited. Wang Bowen played it cool, didn’t he? What video is this? The master was surprised: Ma ah! Are you still from Dalian? Haven’t you seen this?

It has been half a month since he released this paragraph of “The North Chinese New Year”. The video, which he called a “phenomenal hit” in early 2018, has been viewed more than 700 million times, he claims. Some media said he made a spectacular turn to the head web celebrity.

There are two Gao imitation number to carry his original video to Kuaishou account, attracted nearly ten thousand fans, far more than his own number of fans. In order to protect his rights, Wang Bowen was asked to fill in information and print his ID card to prove that he was real and others were fake.

His spring came late.

Before that, Papi Jiang went viral and “web celebrity” became the most popular Internet buzzword of 2016. At the time, Wang was working as a screenwriter for a company in Changchun, and Posting videos was a part-time job. In 2013, when he was a college student in Guangzhou, he imitated his mother talking to a high school teacher in a 90-second voice album on Renren, which was reposted by major Internet portals. In the next two months, he posted more than 100 works, a small fire.

After Renren’s decline, he switched to microblogging at a friend’s suggestion. After graduation, he amused himself and updated it intermittently, turning the audio jokes into text animations, and later into live-action jokes and sitcoms. After a day’s work, he returned home at night, lying in the small room of the rented house, watching big V videos under the quilt, feeling that these people are too fierce.

In 2016, web celebrity entered the 3.0 era. If the generweb celebrityn of BBB1 belongs to the text writers such as Ruffian Cai, Annie Baobei and Ning CaiShen, then after entering the 2.0 era oweb celebrityxt and text, BBB2 represented by Sister Feng, Sister Furong and Brother sharp became popular on theshockingernet with the help of BBB3 Lei language, and some of them even opened columns on the media.

The ebb and flow of web celebritys is getting faster and faster. In 2015, someone asked about the status of ruffian Cai on Zhihu, but the question only received four attention and two answers. Feng appeared on “China’s Got Talent” in 2010 and was pelted with eggs. After she left for the United States, her Weibo account and several subsequent “We Media” accounts were shut down one after another, and taunts intensified.

“Now I am a rich woman, too.” Papi Jiang’s fame and wealth lured many people into the arena, including Wang Bowen. By the end of 2016, after amassing 400,000 Weibo followers, he quit his job and returned to Dalian full-time as web celebrity. Half a year later, he formed his own team.

In the view of the business community, the second rise of Weibo, reversing three years of losses and quadrupling of its stock price, has something to do with its capture of short video and web celebrity.

Inspired by the previous, Wang Bowen decided to take a multi-role cross-dressing performance road. At the beginning of his career, he gave 10 speeches and participated in 35 industry summits nationwide in 2017. Busy and anxious are the norm. When the data is not good, he can’t sleep all night, calls the team in the middle of the night and cries himself to sleep many times.

Xia Xia has been a fan of Wang Bowen for 6 years. At the beginning, the same type of web celebrity is less. As a deep user of Weibo, she will take the initiative to see if he has updated. When Li Fei is free, she searches for Wang Bowen, a name that is among the top three on her web celebrity list, and recommends him to her friends and family.

The number of such fans increased rapidly in 2018. The North Chinese New Year video has made Wang a hit, winning him the Golden Seconds Award for Best Actor and other similar awards. The number of fans on the Weibo platform has nearly doubled in one year, with 42 registered on the platform, and the total number of fans has exceeded 18 million. The ranking of Weibo videos has always been among the top 50 in the country.

At the end of 2018, Wang posted a photo of the trophy on Weibo. Photo provided by interviewees
Success brings a sense of vertigo. When Wang Bowen goes out and sees someone watching his video, he likes to shoot it and post it on his micro blog. Going out to have a meal, a male customer at the next table is holding his mobile phone to watch his video attentively, and he secretly calls the other side back.

Some say he “floats”. On the eve of the Spring Festival Gala in 2019, he felt awkward for the skit and sent two messages saying that he wanted to perform a “tear it” (push away) red envelope. This is his classic story, search his micro blog, there are nearly 30 mentions of the word. In the video, two heavily made-up middle-aged female relatives are seen performing Chinese courteousness, sometimes tearing their clothes as they pull.

There were more than 2,000 comments on Weibo, most of them criticizing him, saying that his video was originally low-level and lacking in content, and that he needed to take it off. When he returned, he was said to be as glass-hearted as a pupil. The swearing was like a whip, and he was whipped all year long.