‘stabbing to death someone who insulted his mother’

'stabbing to death someone who insulted his mother'
Su Yinxia received a phone call from the Department of Justice, let her immediately go to the highway intersection. The intersection is just a kilometer behind her factory. Su Yinxia and her daughter Yu Jiele picked up all the people, including Yu Huan’s aunt Yu Rongxiu, uncle, and an uncle and uncle, has been half an hour later. Six or seven people, two cars, came to the highway.

This is the whole family to welcome Yu Huan out of prison battle. Nothing else was said on the other end of the phone, except that I had called them a few days ago and told them to go to the prison to give off some clothes, which is usually a precursor to release. The family waited in silence to be told to pick up the man from prison, but he was driven straight to the highway. When Yu Huan saw his relatives standing by the side of the road, he said, “I’m home.” As soon as we got off the car, everyone gathered around, and the opening remarks were robbed by Yu Jiele, and she shouted: “Brother, you can come back.”

Yu Rongxiu, her aunt, said that Yu Huan was “more silly” when he first got out of prison. (Photo by Wang Xuhua)
Yu Huan, 25, returned to her hometown of Guanxian County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, after serving a four-year and seven-month prison sentence.

On April 14, 2016, Yu Huan and his mother, Su Yinxia, were besieged by 11 debt collectors in the reception room of their company because they could not pay the usurious loan. Under extreme insult, Yu Huan stabbed four people with a fruit knife, one of whom (Du Zhihao) died of hemorrhagic shock. Yu was sentenced to life in prison for “intentional injury.”

Media reports titled “stabbing mother to death,” pointed to “excessive punishment.” “Humiliating the mother” as the key words, natural principles, national laws, human feelings, triggered the discussion of “self-defense” from all walks of life, like a public legal system class of the whole society. Yu Huan was sentenced to five years in prison in June 2017 after a second trial by the Higher People’s Court of Shandong Province. Yu Huan and the “Yu Huan case” became an important figure and event in China’s legal system that year.

In huan

After being released from prison, Yu Huan spoke slowly and logically. Before opening his mouth, the words went over in his head first. Call everyone brother and sister. Before the incident, Yu Huan, a high school graduate, had never traveled outside Shandong province. Two months after his release, he has already made one trip to Qingdao, one to Hebei, two to Changzhou and one to Beijing. He went to Changzhou to meet his mother’s original client. He was led by his mother for the first time and went there alone for the second time to collect two old payments for his mother. He took the initiative to meet reporters, lawyers, distant elders, like an octopus, wide tentacles, try to contact the society.

He had a lot of white hair now, and it stood out in the black. He stood out in Guan County. Sitting with me in the milk tea shop for a while, an aunt recognized him and called him “Huanhuan”. Walking down the street, people would come up and ask, “Are you Yu Huan?” In the restaurant of Guanxian County, whenever there was a movement in the corridor behind him, he could not help but look back. Guanxian is too small. He’s out of prison, but he’s still out in the open.

He turned out to be a rather unremarkable boy. Growing up in the factory opened by my mother, college entrance examination, college entrance examination, did not go to read, on the spot to work in my mother’s factory, as soon as possible to the factory’s production process all go over, the factory’s work dirty, messy, tired, clothes wrapped less than the place is black, nails are also. Sometimes he was reluctant, but when a worker took time off, Yu Huan had to take over. It was impossible to stop the entire production line for lack of workers.

If he did not take the factory job, he thought that the ideal job would be the kind of work with two days off, and he could live a life of security. When he got out of prison, he knew that the road he thought he was on as a child was gone and that he would have to go out and find his way.

Yu Huan, who was born in 1996 on his ID card in 1994, was less than 20 years old when the incident took place in 2016. The next day, he was taken to the detention center, where he was found to be the youngest. At that time, he didn’t know what a jail was. When I was in primary school, I often passed by it. My adults said it was a prison and called it “West Street Prison”. I never thought I would spend my 20th birthday in the “Prison”. He guarded all the Windows, but there was a large ledge out of the window, and the sun could only let in a little when it was very hot. Eat pickles often, and then learn to eat pickles in your mouth, and imagine the delicious food you once ate. Occasionally standing in the sun, people told him that his face is a pale dish.

Yu entered the detention center in April 2016, and the trial began in December. On the morning of the trial, his mother arrived at the detention center and accompanied him to court, where she was also taken away by the police. Because of another case — Su Yinxia is engaged in steel trade business, when the capital is most urgent, besides borrowing usury, she also set up an investment company with her husband and daughter in Jinan, facing social financing, which was later characterized as “illegally absorbing public deposits”. A week earlier, her sister Yu Jiale was arrested in Jinan on charges of carving official seals without permission.

My sister and mother were put in detention, and my father did not know where he was. The whole family fell into this situation. After being sentenced to life in the first instance, Yu Huan decided to give up his appeal and told his lawyer: “You go, this is the last time we will meet.” If the family were operating normally, they might be able to afford to pay for his lawsuit, but in this state, he doesn’t think it is possible to take hundreds of thousands of dollars to gamble on the result.

'stabbing to death someone who insulted his mother'
Yu’s aunt, Yu Rongxiu (right), is responsible for finding a lawyer and visiting the prison after the accident at her home.
My aunt is more persistent than he is. Yu Huan’s family after the accident, mainly rely on her to run out.

The next morning, the lawyer came again. He told Yu that his aunt was outside. It was February, cold and sleet. “Your aunt is out in the rain, you don’t sign (in the appeal letter) she has been in the rain, you know your aunt’s temper, said not to go absolutely not to go, she this age don’t let her suffer this crime.” The lawyer said again: “strive for the minimum cost, for the best result.” These scenes, including the moment of the final signing, are engraved in Yu Huan’s mind, “I really can’t forget it”.

Bad luck befell that day

The night of the incident, more etched in my mind. The mother and son have told the court many times about the incident. It is hard for anyone who followed the case to forget the details of the media coverage, especially the humiliation of the mother that was at the heart of the high-profile case.

On April 14, 2016, the weather was nice and warm. When the sun was high, Yu Huan wore only striped sleeves and put on her jacket, jeans and sneakers in the evening. He remembered it precisely because the clothes had become evidence.

The gang showed up at 4pm on the 14th. Su Yinxia was on the third floor of the office building, packing up. The day before, Wu Xuezhan, her creditor, brought two carts of furniture and furniture, all of which were moved out of Yu’s house. This meant that the house belonged to him and the things should be returned to you.

Four cars showed up, at least two without license plates. No license plate of the car, Su Yinxia had seen before, ruffians and thugs, open a “luxury car”, not according to the license plate, random traffic lights, these things in the past also have in Guanxian. Four cars, a dozen people, bare arms, tattooed arms, tough hair, no one dared ask. They don’t come empty-handed, the barbecue, a grill, half a metre long and 10 cm of height to width cube, the above open cover, the usual street barbecue, barbecue, vegetables, and beer, something quite full, as experienced vendor stall, stall could lead frame in the office building BaoSha, poised, reveals presence for a long time. The grill, then forgotten, still sits in the yard, rusted and tilted in a pile of junk, next to a decapitated fan.

Du Zhihao arrived at around 8 p.m. He is in his early 30s and about 1.75 meters tall. Although he is not very big, he has practiced martial arts. He was the ringleader of the group of creditors. Su Yinxia had been dealing with him since early April. At that time, he and the creditor crowed into her home, Su Yinxia back hand, head press to the toilet, can not move. Du Zhihao also threatened to let people shit, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

I asked Su Yinxia, did she cry at that time? “No,” she said. Ask her again, that head is pressed to the toilet inside, fear? She said: “At that time also not afraid, is shit I am not afraid, if he shit I will come out with shit, he insulted me, I am not ashamed, I owe him money, not anything else.”

But Yu Huan was terrified. The reception room, as soon as you enter the office building, has a whole side of glass, so thick that people inside can’t hear what they say outside. Nowadays, Yu Huan always walks by quickly without looking in.

Scene of the crime. It’s now rented out to another company. The tables, chairs and sofas have all been replaced. (Photo by Wang Xuhua)
Looking back on that day, the picture is clear. Du Zhihao first outside to eat barbecue, drink beer, an hour later, into the reception room, with Huan mother and son confrontation. What happened next is spelled out in Yu Huan’s trial: “Du Zhihao abused Su Yinxia with dirty language, flicked a cigarette butt onto her chest, pulled his trousers to her thighs, exposed his lower body, and turned his body around Su Yinxia and others sitting on the sofa.” This was subsequently discouraged. “Du Zhihao put on his pants, and took off Yu Huan’s shoes, got Su Yinxia’s nose, Su Yinxia knocked it off.”

“That’s an image I’ll probably never forget.” He described the moments between picking up the knife and being led away by police. Yu Huan’s mind has played back and forth those pictures, willing or not, they have long occupied his mind. In the first instance and the second instance, he recalled repeatedly with the Shandong Provincial High People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Now, he is really reluctant to recount it again. He only says, “That day changed the direction of my life.”

It’s not just him. His mother, Su Yinxia, sister Yu Jiale and father Yu Ximing were all sentenced to three years for Su Yinxia, three years and six months for Yu Jiale and four years for Yu Ximing for “illegally absorbing public deposits.” A family of four, now still left in the West Ming has not been released from prison.


Where does the family’s misfortune come from? In each family member’s mind, the starting point may be different, but they must be inseparable from Su Yinxia’s business.

Su Yinxia is a native of Guanxian County. She graduated from middle school in 1986 and went to work in a food factory in the county. At the beginning, she did packaging and then made sweet candy and biscuits. At that time, Su Yinxia had already married Yu Ximing. When Yu Ximing’s father died at the age of 17, his job was handed to his eldest son, and the county office was superior to the factory, so they got married.

How did you start a business? Su Yinxia said that “poor afraid”, need to solve the food and clothing. Her first business opportunity was selling fertilizer. Su Yinxia gradually knew when to buy fertilizer and when to sell it. The storehouse was used as a warehouse. By hoarding goods and earning the difference in price, she made her first money. Later they began to buy and sell corn and cotton. In the 1990s, these materials were in the hands of production companies, which generally sold them for as much as they could get. Doing business seems not to have too big skill, see what others do, oneself inquire inquire, follow to do is.

By the end of 1995, Su Yinxia deposited 10, 000 yuan at the Postal Savings Bank regularly and spent another 600 yuan to buy a telephone, becoming the second telephone installation in her yard after that of the county party committee staff. Since then, Su’s business scope has expanded so much that she can call Hebei and other places to find more affordable sources. After doing this business for four or five years, Su Yinxia bought an Alto and a used car for her family, which cost more than 30,000 yuan. Seven or eight members of Yu and Su’s family learned to drive with the second-hand Alto. Now the car has long been scrapped, but Yu Ximing advocated to keep it as a memorial, as if it was a proof of glory and glory, Su Yinxia also agreed. When I got out of prison last year, I looked at this old car, which had been painted several times, and it was not what it looked like 20 years ago. Su Yinxia heart feeling, fold into scrap iron sold.

When Su Yinxia’s business was booming, her family had a car, which cost more than 2 million yuan, even though it was paid off by her creditors. Su Yinxia has come a long way since she started trading for more than 20 years. In 2000, she expanded her business to cotton. Cotton is different from fertilizer and corn. Cotton involves production, which requires additional equipment and plant construction. Only those with small capital can invest in it.

There are steps above the steps. Su Yinxia did not stop here. She went up again and came to the road of steel trade.