Prerequisite for victory

In the past, Chinese people had three great sufferings: the loss of mother in childhood, the loss of wife in middle age and the loss of children in old age.The modern Chinese have become: to study a major that has no interest, to take a job that has no interest, to find a partner that has no interest.There are three pain said is: love people can not be together, wasted youth and poor.All right.In the past, Chinese people valued benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, credibility, loyalty, filial piety, honor, shame and courage. But now they have forgotten the fundamental principle of self-cultivation, governing the country, and bringing peace to the world. They care less about state affairs and more about personal interests.So when you have the last dime in your pocket and a call to “find a replacement” and your girlfriend calling it quits over the phone, that’s the full change of three agonies.


Although the desire is very good, but we often encounter the North when the “north drift”, south down to work, but also after suffering, frustrations, nothing;Also encounter the kind of day should not be called, called the earth does not work the tragic situation.Don’t know after how many times of hopelessness, don’t know how many times of desperation, that is the “only endowed me with talents for eventual use” beliefs and ideas to support us, to bite the bullet, standing straight waist pole patience, such as volume, total annihilation will each time in a shaky, hanging on by a thread, killing and epigenetic, will mainly in almost desperate, one good thing came out of it, that is in what state Li Baishi: “, make more straight to the sea in full sail.”

Today’s society is a competitive business society, opportunities are often not, and can not be evenly distributed to everyone.Those sons and daughters of the elite who have made a lot of money have emigrated with their wealth. The rest have to fight for themselves and the wolves have to break through.Journal I wrote here, and the ministry of railways former executives, chief designer “” China high iron zhang shuguang, three thousand – square – metre home in the United States, his wife in Switzerland, the United States has a $2.8 billion savings exposure, it is also the European Union to combat our export, domestic employment difficulty, rising unemployment, it is because of poor gap widens, so can make a lot of people complain, miserable, even the princes, educated, but still useless, can make a person have to doubt my own life.

In fact, these are into a misunderstanding.These people are either introverted, weak and self-abasement, say NO more when things happen, hesitate and hesitate, or they are content with the status quo and are content with what they have, and do not want to fight for or change, of course, they do not better explore and give play to their talents.He will either be as resentful as The venerable Master Kao in Lu Xun’s “The True Story of Ah Q”, or he will be like a butterfly flying into a room and hovering in front of a window, seemingly with a bright future but no way out.In fact, a person should learn to appreciate themselves, that is, to find their own life positioning, realize the cruel reality, find their own direction, this is the most important.

Bacon said, the world is not without beauty, but lack of discovery.That is to say, each individual existence has its own strengths and weaknesses, all successful people must be to give full play to and use their own strengths, overcome or correct their weaknesses.Everyone has a particular area of expertise.Some people are good at Numbers, some are good at literature, some are deep in study, some are sociable, some like business, some can play games, which is also a way to get rich.Don’t look down upon that network celebrity Sister Lotus and the language out of the amazing ugly sister Feng, the former one on THE CCTV, proud to say “I am a brand”, the latter one is a more, ran to the United States and the students, let a person can not help admiring the confidence and determination of others.(

Inherent my material will be useful to the key is must have li bai “, make more straight to the sea in full sail “belief, and yue fei” mo, white young head, empty grievous’ self-discipline, MAO zedong’s “north-west ‘true such as iron and now stepped from the beginning, the more” of the spirit, there must be in the novel “how the steel was tempered” Paul ko ezer gold of perseverance, in the movie “the fire of eternal life” yun-feng xu fearlessness, Teresa teng “who can know I love you” song sung by “don’t hypocrisy, suffered trauma, no tears, love don’t linger on the way, like the fish in torrent never say die” courage,And because of this basic attitude, so will sit and watch the clouds fly, will be calm, will know that god is actually fair to everyone.

Our life is full of opportunities, challenges and choices. If you choose a positive, hard-working and upward way of life and work, your destiny will smile at you, even if you can’t see it at that time, you can still feel it, because the dawn is coming.Otherwise, it will get worse and worse.This is the materialist dialectics, this is the dichotomy, this is the premise of one’s work and life.Of course, there is also the opportunity to grasp, we should grasp the opportunity, those fleeting every opportunity to firmly seize, this will have the smooth sailing, there is a good word, what kind of choice will have what kind of result, the choice determines the outcome.

We all have our moments of shame, frustration, failure and disappointment. There are moments of loneliness, depression, doubt and despair. But each time we manage to bite the bullet, hold our breath and take it one step at a time.Because we should be careful and careful to keep the fire of hope from going out when we are driven, rejected, beaten, and left out, because we believe that this fire will one day start a prairie fire.This is also the meaning of MAO Zedong’s famous saying: “Make up your mind, do not fear sacrifice, overcome all difficulties, to win.”

So we can read aloud Su Shi’s first “Jiangchengzi” : “the old man chat hair young crazy, left lead yellow, right qing Qing.Kam hat sable fur coat, a thousand riding roll pinggang.In order to report the city with taizheng, pro-shoot tiger, see sun Lang.Wine goblet chest is still open, temples small frost, what harm, holding festival cloud, what day send Feng Tang?Will draw a carved bow such as the full moon, northwest look, shoot wolves.

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