There is good wine in the house of the poor


A sub-district office in Qingdao, Shandong province, published an article about “visiting poor households during the Spring Festival”, which showed two bottles of Moutai placed high in a poor family’s home. 4, the street agency of online publication question “spine hong beach street overcrowded home placed high-grade wine”, said a few years ago, residents to relatives to participate in the banquet, to see guests with an empty bottle is very like it, and then back to home is put into the cabinet, there is no needy and family their use of consumption.
According to the statement, on February 3, the WeChat official account of Jihongtan Street, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, published an article titled “A visit to a poor household during the Spring Festival is warm and warm.” The article was accompanied by a picture showing several bottles of high-end wine on the cabinet of a poor household, which aroused the informer’s doubts. The situation is described as follows:
The poverty-stricken household is Du Moumou, 81 years old, a resident of Beiwan Community, Jihongtan Street. He has been paralyzed in bed for 9 years. His daughter has retired, his son-in-law died of bone cancer in 2010, and his son, a laid-off worker, meets the conditions of a poverty-stricken family. In view of the high-grade wine utensils placed in the pictures questioned by the inline people, after investigation, a few years ago, Du Mou some wife to relatives to attend the banquet, see the guests drink the empty bottle is very like, then brought back home to put on the cabinet, there is no Du Mou and his family use consumption situation.
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